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Why they are dying

I was hoping to keep the recent suicides of the fish and birds quiet for fear of black helicopters arriving at my door. I was hoping someone else would speak up saving me the hassle of being forced to out my sources. You see, I talk with the animals. They are fearful of the Tea Party agenda: destroy any measure approved by President Obama.

The animals see the Tea Party creating fear in normally sound minded Democrats who will bend to their will without a fight. The birds are spreading the whispers of moderate Republicans erecting shrines for the Tea Party within chambers on which they place their re-election hopes. A sense of doom was built within the animals after each power flexing and rhetoric filled speech of Boehner.

Until the people of this great nation rise up and tell the corporate owned elected officials to return the government to the people, more animals’ suicides should be expected. They see the control of the House by the Tea Party agenda, “drill baby drill”, as a death sentence. Rather than wait in fear of the eventual death to their environments, they are killing themselves in large numbers. It breaks my heart that we sit on our hands doing nothing as the innocents die.

The top 10% of concentrated wealth holders can not run this country alone. To be honest they will not maintain their wealth without a population of buyers for their wares and services. The Tea Party “country club” (Note: Rand Paul gave his victory speech at the Bowling Green Country Club) members are out to kill this nation via their determination to keep low wage earning staff at the country club. The sad part rather than opening their own club, the staffers are fighting to remain low to no wage earners.

We can stop this impending doom of our nation, possibly our world. We must speak out against the “nation killing” Tea Party agenda. The agenda is a short-sighted and self-serving agenda built on the false premise of the ends justifying the means. When the end is to preserve the life of a select few at the expense of all life (plant, animal, and human animal) then that is an end that has no justification. We must shed light on this agenda so those who subscribe to it will understand that it will not lift or maintain their current social standings.

If we will not fight back for our own survival can we blame the birds and the fish for also giving up hope? We must not take 2010 elections as a mandate for they did not bring to the table what the 2006 mid-term elections brought. We must not allow corporate created “grass-roots” parrots to dictate what our status of living will become in this country. We must take a stand even if it is to just save the fish and the birds from more suicides.

NOTE: It is not my intent to scare the population on the birds and fish. I actually think environmental abuse is the source of the deaths. I just wanted to beat Pat Robertson to the punch on blaming a group for the deaths. God bless us all.

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