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Still not getting it.....

Because I am open to learning I converse with those who may not think as do I. I tend to learn much by keeping an open mind. Today I have been very busy taken care of sick child, parents, and computer systems. It is such a coincidence that Senator Vitter sent to me an email calling for the repeal of the HCR. His claim that the SOTU was meet with a muted response leads me to understand he is not working with me. First we need HCR even if it did nothing but protect us from private insurers. ( Secondly the recent SOTU has motivated sleeping progressives into action.
Read the letter below to form your own opinions.

I must return to nurse duties. I shall update MT training late late.

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Dear Friend,

The reaction to the State of the Union speech last night was the most muted I've ever seen. I think it's because folks know that bipartisan symbols and pretty speeches are nice, but what really matters to Louisianians is the follow-through.

What we need from the president is a major policy shift, not just new rhetoric. One major policy I'm starting with is repealing Obamacare.

This week, I introduced a bill to fully repeal Obamacare, because I believe it is unconstitutional, raises taxes and premiums, cuts Medicare by half a trillion dollars, and puts government bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. Instead of this big-government approach, we need the targeted, common-sense reforms I've laid out with others to dramatically reduce costs and make health services more accessible.

Improving Access to Health Care

We could expand access to breast cancer screenings immediately by eliminating the motor fuel excise tax for mobile mammography services that provide on-site mammograms to women in areas that may not currently receive screenings and preventive care. As someone whose family has suffered a loss due to breast cancer, I believe prevention and early detection are incredibly important.

Lowering Cost of Health Care

Additionally, I've committed to cosponsor legislation to provide for prescription drug reform and allow for the reimportation of safe prescription medicines. This has been a top priority of mine since arriving in the U.S. Senate. In 2009, I forced the U.S. Senate to include a provision in the Department of Homeland Security funding bill that would allow Americans to purchase safe, cheaper prescription drugs from Canada and over the Internet.

Our legislation will include new requirements to existing law to promote the safety of domestic and imported medicines including requirements to fight counterfeiting and the use of tamper-proof packaging.

Click here to view a recent interview about repealing Obamacare

I'll continue to fight to repeal Obamacare while promoting common-sense reforms to dramatically reduce costs and make health services more accessible.


David Vitter
United States Senator

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