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2011 Blessings

Before I launch into my rants against the inequality of this world, I shall take the time to give thanks my early blessings of 2011.

Yesterday I had a moment of panic as the hail and thunder rocked my home during the storms. Today, I gave thanks that we survived the storms with only some property damage. The blessing of not a life lost last night in Mississippi can not be measured. All that can be done is to share the joy and the gospel of being alive today.

The second blessing of the day came out of Jacksonville, FL. The Mississippi State Bulldogs won the Gator Bowl. They won by a huge lead leaving little doubt as to if they deserved the win.

Today exemplified the blessings that are to come when hope and faith are maintained no matter what appears to the five senses.

May everyone who reads this post find a blessing in his/her life. Joy to all in 2011.

I shall rant and rave tomorrow.

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