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Reading of a piece of paper

Today I was able to see the change in D.C. the GOP would bring to the House. Instead of the normal round of politics filled with smoke and mirrors we were treated to an all out dog and pony show. Where I a member of the Tea Party, I would have been highly perturbed with the wink and nod given to the Constitution today. However, I am a member of the, “I will believe it when I see it party” and gave the reading of the Constitution on the floor of the House today a hmph. I also rolled my eyes toward the ceiling.

What we have in D.C. is another group of people elected who still do not get what is required of them. Those who came to D.C. knowing what is required of them from those who voted for them are being hit with a hard reality; they alone will not change D.C. The first sign of something being amiss was the fact that Speaker Boehner was holding a news conference during the reading of the Constitution on the floor. WTL!?!?! If reading the Constitution was of such great importance as to take away from the actual work day why was he holding a press conference? Given that he, the Speaker of the House, was in office during the Bush/Cheney years I would think he would be well versed in Constitutional violation ( ). I would have thought he would have understood the need to listen to the reading in its entirety. However he was not the only GOP member to have other affairs to attend to during the reading of the Constituion ( As I said yesterday, they could read the Constitution in their hotel rooms at night and save the country the money. (

The mere fact that in order for legislation to now making it out of committee it must show Constitutional applicability is a violation of the Constitution. We, in this country, have a little something known as checks and balances created by the existence of our 3 branches of government. What the House is proposing is to do is the job of the judicial branch of our government. I have had some say to me on Twitter that it is a good idea to check the Constitutionality of a law before passing it to save the judicial branch time. I say hog wash. When I vote for someone to represent me in D.C., at my state level, or even locally I am not looking for Constitutional scholars. I am looking for someone who has a passion to do what is best for my nation. This new rule to be instituted in the house serves to only do two things. 1) Limit the amount of progress the House will do until 2012 and 2) A pre-emptive move to limit the power of our Supreme Court, which may become less conservative before the end of Obama’s term in office.

The reading of the Constitution on the floor of the house was nothing more than a wink and a nod to the Tea Party people. Should the agenda of the Tea Party be allowed to become the norm in this country we can look forward to becoming as advanced as Afghanistan. Insisting on Constitutionality to be enforced would make it so that I a black female will have virtually no status at all in this country for I would be reduced to 3/5th human. ( Aside to Tea Party: This Southern, gun filled childhood, black, lesbian liberal will not go for any reduction in status). The framers of our Constitution seemed to have had more intelligence than the whole of Congress and the Tea Party combined. The Constitution was framed in such a way that it is adaptable for any era. The main reason for its adaptability is its focus on insuring human rights and each succeeding amendment being one that ensured explicit rights for those whose rights were in question. At the time of the writing of the Constitution, the soon to be Americans were aware of the issues back in their home countries in Europe. The issues in Europe were concentrated wealth in the hands of a few and the abuse of power against the powerless. The founding fathers watched and learned from the issues but we it, seem have forgotten the lessons learned.


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