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MT day 1

Today was my first day if training. Having failed in the past, I know the value of being mentally ready for such an undertaking. I quit my job last year due to health issues brought on by stress. Living at my mother's home has allowed for a reduction of stress but it is still very stressful. However today confirmed that proper planning will allow me to reduce stress and to be successful in my training. I have had several events to occur today, some before 10 AM, to block my success. The joy is proper planning for such roadblocks has allowed me to remain at peace. My mother had tried twice to guilt trip me. My town was placed on a winter storm warning. My perpetually unemployed brother is eating food I purchased for my child. My mother becomes upset when I mention that such behavior is not acceptable, guilt trip. Today I handled all events with true calm. I was able to keep my goal in mind. The only true stressing part of the day was not being able to upload videos. I took a deep breath and resolved to send the videos once the winter storm had cleared. I have consumed 16oz of coffee, 4oz of green smoothie (, 32oz of water,12 oz of veg chilli and 6 dorito chips.

I shall get in bed by 10pm. I look forward to the morning. I am also looking forward to finalizing papers on a new home before Friday of this week.

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