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Pure hubris

I am writing this quick bit of hubris just to mouth-off on America and corporations. Last night I got a tweet from Donna Brazile.

Donna Brazile
@donnabrazile Donna Brazile
#We the People! We pay & own it. We are responsible, they accountable. Obama can direct us, but we must lead the way forward. Believe Dat!

I initially started typing something on my iPhone but sleep took me away. I had no plans to provide links for what I am about to write. We the people must stop allowing those elected, those who own corporations, and those in the media from taking away our rights and giving those rights to corporations. It is time that we form and patronize socially and environmentally responsible companies.

I am not calling on you to do something easy. It will be hard for me to give up my Wal-Mart habit. It will be very hard for me to do so. However, until we send a message with our feet and finances life will continue to worsen in this country.

There are entities who do their best to keep unrest in this country to keep our eyes off the profits they make from doing business outside the United States while accepting U.S. subsidies. I am not looking for my buddies in China, New Zeland, or Australia to be without the physical joys of life. I am looking for companies to be more honest about how they are doing business.

The corporate lobbyist are so strong they have managed to get corporations classified as individuals. WTL!!!???!!! It has been a blip on the American media radar ( We watch so many bling filled videos that we honestly believe an increase in taxes on those who make in excess of $250K will hurt our take home pay. We say nothing about the cash filled coffers of corporations who have refused to hire new employees while accepting taxpayer dollars. I am feeling all alone in the sea of intelligence, again.

We the people can mitigate business as normal in the United Sates. First we must accept and understand we are now a global economy. As long as we continue to deny that fact we will not experience any growth on any level. Secondly we must patronize those companies that have a proven record of being socially and environmentally responsible. Third we must form new corporations dedicated to improving and elevating life on this planet. Fourth, we must be willing to bite the bullet of change that the afore steps demand of us to make it a success.

President Obama's campaign slogan was "Yes, we can." He never said "Yes, I can". Until we the people step-up he nor the few still trying "can". Some have made a mockery of hope, faith and the audacity for the common people to have either. I close my ears to such word for if not for hope and faith, I would not write this blog.

Stop complaining. It is time for action. It is time for action that liberates not only you but your neighbor as well. It is time for us to act locally while thinking globally. We are not an island unto ourselves. Look at what happened to Japan and China when they tried to wall off from the world. They became stuck in time. I am soap box rambling at this point. Check out the links below. Know that you make a difference.

My link bundle. I am still learning so if one does not work try the other. Thanks Bundles


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