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Rising Above Race

I am having a busy day so I had not expected to post another post to my blog. However, I got a tweet today about something said by Rep. Jim Moran Race was the reason for the 2010 losses. I am taking time to respond on my blog. I blew up politico ( apologies) on Twitter with my soapbox rant.

I am a member of every minority group in America. However, it is rare that I pull any cards. The only time I pull a card is when the truth is hard to deny. I am a liberal's liberal. I am a goddess not God so I must give everyone the benefit of doubt. I can not believe the 2010 elections, which where not a mandate given the low voter turn-out, saw Republicans win simply because of race.

Keep in mind that President Obama won by a landslide majority in 2008. I do maintain that the powers that be thought a Black person would never win but a woman might, hence the railroading of H. Clinton by the DNC.( You may read into that statement whatever you wish. Let's just say that Dems and Repubs are cut from the same cloth). I do not think racism under his term in office rebounded strong enough to account for the 2010 midterm losses. What I do think happened is the people were simply tired of the Dems doing nothing but getting paid to be the hand puppets of Fox News and the GOP.( Take that image and run with it)

The 2006 mid-term elections were a mandate. A large number of people turned out to vote into power the Democrats. The first thing the dems did was to issue a blanket pardon for the Bush administration. They seemed clueless to the major reason they were voted into office. They then spoke in elite tones to the people(condescending)as to why they should make no moves until 2008.

However, after the elections in 2008 they continued to do jack shit but talk in the usual political double talk that prevents anything from being done. ( I just used some. I could have simply said they did jack shit from 2006 to 2010. Alas I am writing an article work with me.) Harry Reid went out of his way to block any proposed legislation from the White House making it to the senate floor. Things were so bad that, then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi had to step-up and do something that was not self serving. In 2010 Nancy Pelosi was so active I had to retract every ill thing I had to say about her. I had to speak well of her to strangers on the street. She actually showed that she had a heart and there was more to life than power. Alas she was in a small exclusive club of Dems willing to be Dems.

There were so many blue-dog dems popping up daily in Congress. These same blue-dog dems were up for re-election. Is it really a shocker they lost their seats? If I want a Republican I just vote for one. I refuse to vote for anyone who does not walk the talk. The Dems lost the 2010 elections for simply not doing their jobs. The American people in 2008 showed they were above race; for the most part. It is just sad that the Dems elected in 2006 did not recognize what the people showed in 2006. In 2006 and again in 2008 the people showed they were tired of hate, fear, corporations owning the government and lies. If any on the Hill do not see the truth of what the people are showing he/she can kiss D.C. goodbye.


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