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Active reading skills

I have yet to venture to any Tea Party sites tonight or today.  I am sure if I were to go to such sites, I would hear the ills of social welfare with justification being this story,   Yeah, I did not use bitly.   It is late and I worked all morning and night. 

My point in writing tonight before I hit the hay is please read the article.  We need to use active reading skills as we browse the web for news.

What I took away from the article:

It is good this nation which has benefited much from the resources of other nations helps those seeking asylum.
The family averaged 10K a year in social benefits for 10 years.  I challenge anyone to live on 10K a year. 
It is sad we have people in this nation of immigrants blind to how this nation has prospered via the resources of other nations. 

I am not happy these young men chose to bite the hands that fed them, I am saying let's not throw t…

One of those days -for ignorance to be handed a mic

This morning, after waking slow enough to allow my body parts to work, I decided to have a little coffee and review the Twitter feed. The first Tweet was regarding Peter King.  I went on a coffee fueled rant(must add cream and sugar next time).   There must have been a full moon recently for Peter King was at it again.  The "it”, in this instance, being the stupidity that has escaped from his mouth, again.  This man is beyond being an Islamophobe, racist, xenophobic, and all other manners of ignorance.  The sad fact is he was re-elected to office. 

At some point we must stop staring wide-eyed at these moronic elected officials to do something about the people putting them into office. When did we become so fearful that we allow those low on the intellectual totem poles to become our elected leaders?  Every other month this man is spouting some fear based rhetoric.  Enough is enough.  If we are a Christian nation then it is time we act as if we are one.  The Biblical Christ ha…

Seriously.....Who has so much hate

Today, it took a moment for me to register there was a bomb in Boston.  It is not that America has not had bombing before on the mainland (OKC, Birmingham, Atlanta, etc...).  It just took a moment because for the most part we get along in America.  We all usually agree to just see each other in court to settle our disputes.  Every now and then someone who feels he or she cannot afford an attorney take things into his or her own hands( Treyvonn Martin's killer).  However, we are by nature a litigious society that choose court over bombs.  In my defense I am an American and it took a moment for me to understand someone would detonate a bomb during one of our celebrations.

I was so toned out it took a moment for me to realize Boston is the home to someone dear to me.  This person was  worried about my being vocal in Mississippi, tonight I worry for her.  Tonight I am left to wonder who.  Who would do such a thing in America?  We are the land of the free.  That is why we took the figh…