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Seriously.....Who has so much hate

Today, it took a moment for me to register there was a bomb in Boston.  It is not that America has not had bombing before on the mainland (OKC, Birmingham, Atlanta, etc...).  It just took a moment because for the most part we get along in America.  We all usually agree to just see each other in court to settle our disputes.  Every now and then someone who feels he or she cannot afford an attorney take things into his or her own hands( Treyvonn Martin's killer).  However, we are by nature a litigious society that choose court over bombs.  In my defense I am an American and it took a moment for me to understand someone would detonate a bomb during one of our celebrations.

I was so toned out it took a moment for me to realize Boston is the home to someone dear to me.  This person was  worried about my being vocal in Mississippi, tonight I worry for her.  Tonight I am left to wonder who.  Who would do such a thing in America?  We are the land of the free.  That is why we took the fight to Iraq, "Freedom is not free".   What type of person has so much disregard for humanity to kill people he or she does not know? 

Even the people I know who have harmed me physically are living for the most part.  If I can forgive an attacker why is it hard for others to just love someone they do not know.  Maybe I am rambling but I am just attempting to understand this level of crazy.  It is crazy to attempt to harm people who have done nothing directly to harm you. 

I have spent the day asking people to remain calm.  Now is not the time for us to start a mass hate initiative.  We need to put our mass love plan into action.  Send love to a Muslim, a homosexual, even to the right-wing extremist that exist in our society.  Today we need love more than ever.  Today is not the day to point fingers.  Today is not the day to claim political or religious victory.  Today is the day to ask, what have we become as a species.  Have we not evolved?

I have seen tweets and Facebook feeds that question our sorrow when so many deaths occur abroad.   I am sadden.  I have a right to be sad today.  Someone is attempting to instill fear in my nation, I should be sad.  I have compassion for those who have died today around the world.  I pray that their nation come to have a level of consistent peace.  Today, I am sad over the 3 deaths and the 130 injured.  I am sad for those who will be searched in the morning.  I am sad for the vigil of heighten awareness.  It is ok to be sad in my view.  It is not ok to be mad and to spread lies.

We must remain calm.  We must wait for the official report.  We must keep faith that truth will prevail.  Most of all we must not succumb to fear as we did after 9/11.  In fear we allowed our government to take away our rights as citizens.  We now have indefinite detention, warrantless wire taps, drones in the hands of local authority, and who knows what else.  Remain calm America.  Allow time for the truth to come out.  Show love to each other.


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