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One of those days -for ignorance to be handed a mic

This morning, after waking slow enough to allow my body parts to work, I decided to have a little coffee and review the Twitter feed. The first Tweet was regarding Peter King.  I went on a coffee fueled rant(must add cream and sugar next time).   There must have been a full moon recently for Peter King was at it again.  The "it”, in this instance, being the stupidity that has escaped from his mouth, again.  This man is beyond being an Islamophobe, racist, xenophobic, and all other manners of ignorance.  The sad fact is he was re-elected to office. 

At some point we must stop staring wide-eyed at these moronic elected officials to do something about the people putting them into office. When did we become so fearful that we allow those low on the intellectual totem poles to become our elected leaders?  Every other month this man is spouting some fear based rhetoric.  Enough is enough.  If we are a Christian nation then it is time we act as if we are one.  The Biblical Christ had more faith in the harlots and tax collectors than we have in our Christian faith. 

It is time Christians call people such as Peter King out for being divisive and a malignant part of society.  It is time for us to end the fear in America.  How can we move forward as a nation, a people, and a species if we continue to live in fear?  

Riddle me that Batman.


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