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Active reading skills

I have yet to venture to any Tea Party sites tonight or today.  I am sure if I were to go to such sites, I would hear the ills of social welfare with justification being this story,   Yeah, I did not use bitly.   It is late and I worked all morning and night. 

My point in writing tonight before I hit the hay is please read the article.  We need to use active reading skills as we browse the web for news.

What I took away from the article:

It is good this nation which has benefited much from the resources of other nations helps those seeking asylum.
The family averaged 10K a year in social benefits for 10 years.  I challenge anyone to live on 10K a year. 
It is sad we have people in this nation of immigrants blind to how this nation has prospered via the resources of other nations. 

I am not happy these young men chose to bite the hands that fed them, I am saying let's not throw the baby out with the water.  Two or nineteen people should not change who we are.  Let's remain true to ourselves and our nation.  Ignore sensationalism in  journalism. 


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