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Day 24 2012

I slept little the night before. Yet I am optimistic. This month I have identified several areas of change. I am thankful for being able to get through the extreme stress of the month. Today I almost broke into tears when someone asked me if we were hiring to replace the guy who died. As a rule one should wait at least a month before asking such things. We have not touched his desk. I held it together and walked away from that person. What have we become as a nation? I shall sleep tonight.

Day 23 2012

I slept last night. Still not eating properly but I am getting sleep. Slow but moving into the right direction.

Seeing light at the end of the tunnel. No it is not a train. It really is the change I desire.

Day 22 2012

I am closer to 30 days of being aware of my fitness. I have seen how I have tanked each start to spiritual , physical , mental, and financial fitness. I am training myself to ride out the stress. The better I can ride out the stress the more I stay centered spiritually. The better I am spiritually the better my finances which allow me to maintain my physical. I am overdue for a manicure and pedicure. I also need to update my boulder holders.

I am mainly working to center myself spiritually to deal with the teenage years. Sad part he has been in these years since age two.

I am soaking and preparing to wash my hair. Part of mental health is feeling good and looking good helps one to feel good.

Day 21 2012

Up early. Rested/ pass out from lack of sleep. Up to put final touches on workshop. More racism at the meeting. The racism is getting to me. Blacks need to stop being what they claim to hate.

I am eating fewer calories but still not the right combination of foods. After next week I should have the money to update my diet to proper foods.

A call to action : Mississippi


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is hosting a public meeting to describe the license renewal review process and to provide members of the public with the opportunity to provide comments regarding environmental issues that the NRC should consider during its review of the license renewal application for Grand Gulf Nuclear Station.

Two identical sessions will be held at:

Port Gibson City Hall
1005 College Street
Port Gibson, MS 39150

January 31, 2012
2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

There will be an "Open House" with NRC staff one hour prior to each meeting.

For additional information, please call the NRC at (800) 368-5642 extension 6223.

Try to attend, if you can!

Day 19 2012

Good news. I am eating less calories

Bad news not getting enough rest. I am also not eating enough of the right things.

Slow going but still going. I am not giving up this year. I can do this. Full fitness in all areas of my life.

I so afraid. Really Jan Brewer?

First, bravo to President Obama for keeping his cool.

Maybe I am a little oversensitive about code talk by the GOP however Jan Brewer has taken the cake. First we had Newt with Blacks love food stamps and Obama is the food stamp president. Now Jan " in your face finger" Brewer is claiming she felt threaten by President Obama.

First, as a Black mother of males and living in Mississippi, I am very sensitive to the 1930's Jim Crowe code talk used by Brewer. Such talk has been used to kill and to imprison Black males in the South. It is a freaking shame. It is a throw back to the ads ran in TN showing Harold Ford and white women during his reelection campaign.
Jan can deny racism but her words and actions say otherwise. I view her actions as nothing more than a photo op to display "White Power". As governor of AZ I would expect the President to meet with her. He was there to talk economy not campaign. She would have had an opportunity to speak with hi…

Day 18 of 2012

No rest today. Walked property to clean debris from Sunday's storm. Laughing at being stressed about cleaning in the rain. Despite the clouds all day the rain waited until night to come.

I ate small meals throughout the day. Above all I need rest in order to have great health. I am not sure how to get the rest I need.

Are we so shallow ?

I would like to think that being a Mormon would not be the main reason Americans do not vote for Mitt Romney. There are many other reasons than bigotry to not vote for Mitt.

It is a shame when the media attempts to grill an American over his or her religious practice. Denying Mitt the right to exercising his faith is the same as being upset over having a Catholic as president. I would not be upset with a Muslim as president.
We need to focus on the real reasons, there are many, to not vote for Mitt.
. .

Paranoid and not smoking

Every time President Obama gives a speech, I feel as if I am being followed. In his speech last night the president mentioned two things important to me: 1. Being able to access broadband from my rural home. I currently drive 10 miles one way to access broadband. There is a fiber optic line in front of my home since Katrina. 2. Solving our dependency on oil without polluting our nation. I refuse to become of the group that will turn this nation into China for a dollar. Then again China is investing in its transportation infrastructure. We have people in the country, mainly Congress, who refuse to invest in our infrastructure. Why are we limiting ourselves? Why have we turned our lives over to these experts on public policy? Congress has ceased to represent all of the people. It was with hilarity that I reviewed Mitch Daniels' rebuttal to the State of the Union. Mitch Daniels served in the Bush Administration. Mitch is part of the group that created the mess we are…

Where are the values?

Read the comments at the end of the link. It kills me. We spend millions to prevent abortions but then we will treat a child in such a manner. Hyprocrisy is alive and well in America. The comments after the story show the real problem.

Day 17 2012

Worked a double. I shall not go into the office in the morning. Must cleanup storm damage from Sunday night. I am not eating many calories but I am not exercising. It is important to build muscle. 2012 has not been the year I imagined thus far.

Day 15 2012

Clean home. Feel better. Not depressed. Did not do hair. Have not rested much over weekend but next Sunday will do so.

Will do very light workout in morning if storm passes us by tonight.

My MS GOP hell begins

I am not for bloated government but I am for a full representative government. In Mississippi there is a bill to reduce the size of our state legislature.

My small county already feels as if it is without representation in the legislature. Should we reduce the size of representation what happens to counties such as mine?

SB 2056
Legislature; reduce size beginning with 2015 statewide general election.


Race baiting Newt won SC. What does his win really mean? What has President Obama done to make him a threat to the nation? How has he made life worse in America? SC voters were voting to beat Obama. Really, oh really Southern state that also gets federal funding?

Day 14 2012

Great day. I have not yet rested but am looking forward to a great night's rest.

I managed to not lose my temper with teenage son. Allowing myself to not stress reduces the amount of comfort food I require.

I am at peace.

Newt appalled?

A man that leaves his wives if they become ill is upset to be questioned about his marriages. Newt is a god. Well in his mind he is a god.

Day 13 2012

Looking forward to next week. This week has been emotionally draining. My mind has been too taxed to perform

Next week 10pm bedtime. Early rise to do moderate workout.

Almost there.

Day 11 2012

I fouled up Wednesday night. I worked until 4AM. The loss of my co-worker in the car accident came on the heels of another co-worker leaving the group. Although I justified my working such hours, I know working such doubles will derail any hopes I have of being fit. My mother called me to stress me over finances. I took a deep breath and let it go. I am working with her better than before. I know I shall become fit.

Oh yeah!!! Warren Buffett

I have two links. They show a patriot and a pinhead, nod to Bill O'Really. While Buffett works to save America, Romney continues to just take from our country. Buffett is not running for office of any sort. Romney, who made millions in private industry, seeks office to aid "job creators". I can not be alone in seeing the problem. Thanks to Warren Buffett. He just became sexy. There is nothing sexier than a wealthy man standing by what is right even in the eyes of those who are less financially wealthy. Rommney is not fit to lead. Many of the GOP running for state and local offices are not fit to lead. Job creators are not creating jobs. It is time we return power to the people.

Day 10 2012

Feeling better. Grits in the morning and at night. Wrap for lunch. Weaning myself off candy.

Working to be asleep before midnight. Sleep is key to becoming fit

Where is Christ in America?

Simple question. Where is Christ in America? A nation full of Christians but daily fights about financing Christian actions.

Why are we cutting SNAP, financial aid to dependent families, medicaid\medicare and other social programs? Where is this survival of the fittest mindset in the Bible?

Where is Christ in America when devout Christians see death as being better than being saddled with high healthcare costs?

We need to get right if we wish to be a Christian nation.

Day 9 2012

Tired. Ate stress foods pizza and beef hotdog. Memorial was uplifting. The mother helped to calm the nerves of all. She reminded us of the peace her son would have in death.

Keeping mind set to be fit in 2012.

Day 8 2012

Total health means taking time for self. Today was not one of those days for me.

It is imperative I do two things: secure funds to support my family and reduce load of technical consultation.

This weekend I have spent roughly 3 waking hours with my child. Total health means time for family and friends.

Without adequate downtime one can not maintain a workout or healthy eating regimen. Today I had a biscuit , 12 fries, bag of Doritos, and 1/2 cup of black eye peas.

This week setting a routine that has bending room is top priority.

Post Racial American Dream: Racist Reality

I originally started writing this posting late Thursday night. I saved it in a draft. The next morning between 8:00 and 8:17 my co-worker was killed in a car accident on his way to work. At that moment the suspicious death of a young black male in my hometown ( purpose of links) by a group of whites was pushed far from my thoughts. I spent the rest of the morning attempting to hold back the tears. Eventually I could fake the funk no longer, I left my office. My co-worker killed in the accident was a young white male who was young year older than the black male killed by a group of whites. Sometimes such events remind us of what is important. Although I am angry about what appears to be yet another suspicious racially motivated death in Mississippi, the death of my young co-worker reminds me to review the anger in me. I loved my co-worker as if he was a child of my own. The morning he was killed I was praying to God to understand my co-worker's desires in life. I was e…

Music for the times

The best music in America came during the '60s. Protests songs. Songs of people looking within to know their place. Peace songs asking for peace in the midst of war. Equality songs stating we are all children of God, let it be. I am happy to know I am not alone in desiring new songs for a new generation of protests against the inhumanity on our planet. Check out the links. Get the music. Spread it.

Day 7 2012

I did not allow depression to take hold. I did go to the banquet. I also did a little tech work

I ate a McFlurry and hamburger steak. It all tasted the same. I shall be back to normal soon.

It is late and I am just returning from my tech job. I shall be fit in spite of my odd hours. Time for sleep

Day 6

Today I awoke with a song in my heart. At 0824 the song died. I lost a coworker to an automobile accident. Depression settled on me. I confessed to another coworker recent suicidal thoughts. He and I cried together.

My head hurts my eyes are tight but I am not in full depression. I am about to get my teenage son from after school program. I shall hug and love him. He will wonder why? Yet I know how blessed I am.

Whew. The good of the day is I have cried but I am not down and out. I shall attend the events planned for the weekend, my mother insisted. I shall start phase two of getting fit Sunday. Phase two is staying focused under pressure.


My treasure are the people whom I meet each day. Online or offline you enrich my days in so many ways. I am thankful for you even if I do not say it.

Today a young man, whom I had come to love, was killed in a car accident. I had to think hard as to if I had made it known to him how special he was to me. Rarely do I say to people I have prayed for you. Rarely do I say I care for you. Today was a reminder that while I keep my prayers to myself I should be more open with my love.

Dallas if you can see these words I love you.

Day 5

Peaceful. Accomplished work goals for the day. Stayed peaceful when son did not do homework.

Getting fit is more than gyms or weight benches. Getting fit is about changing attitude and lifestyle.

I am at peace with the progress thus far. Peace of mind allows for great things to happen.

Bishop Long too Short on Honor

Bishop Eddie Long returned to the pulpit. Money can not ease the pain he has caused. However, his being honest about his action would go very far in healing the pain. I pray for those affected by his actions. Bishop be honest. Serve God. Ease the pain of those young men by being honest. Your denials nullify the money you paid.

Day 4 2012

Last year I kept a separate blog about my quest for physical fitness. At an early point in the year family stress had me questioning the point of even living let alone getting fit. I stopped blogging about getting fit and then I stopped trying. October of 2011 was a rough month for my body. It had been almost 14 months since I had last had such an episode. I questioned in depth my chances of seeing 2012. As 2012 drew near I recognize I would have to make changes if I were to see 2013.
I am not blogging about a New Year's resolution. I am blogging about my quest to see 2013. Something's we can not control but others we do. We control how we allow outside factors to affect our health. We control what we as responsible people put into our bodies. If we give up our control, no matter how justified we may be, then we are left with what we see in the mirror before us.
Originally, I thought to keep this blog a secret once again yet I know hiding the stress that cause ma…

Lessons learned

What will we the people do with the lessons we have learned from the GOP debates? Have we finally learned enough to know we need to speak up for our rights? Will we take to the streets to prevent our becoming China? Have the deaths caused by lack oversight from the FDA, EPA, and other regulatory agencies make us demand more enforcement of regulations designed to ensure our safety? Has Mitt Romney's cavalier attitude and air of entitlement to the presidency remained us of why our nation is in dire straits? America now is our moment to be heard -- speak up America

Day 3 2012

I am a work in progress. I know 2012 is the year I must get it right. The year has started with stress. Children and mother stress yet I must keep going. I must change or die. I shall take things slowly this year to have the lasting change I desire. Today I ate the last of the holiday treats. I also had some mystery meat sandwich at the MLK meeting tonight. I was so hungry I did not want to think too long on what the meat could be. Tomorrow will be a better day.

One Mo' Time

I am toning my body this year. Last year I allowed stress to derail my quest for improved health. This year I must stay the course or I shall not see 2013. My body has given warming signs to me. It is now or never.

I shall in the coming days setup a conference number for anyone who wishes to talk about the challengers to good health. I look forward to hearing from each of you on this journey to good health.

Never give up

Although you may feel nothing is happening keep going. Occupy is not dead. The people are awake. Know your action or inaction will make a difference in the future of mankind. Martin Luther , Jesus the Christ, Steve Jobs are a few examples of one person changing the view of the world.

Back in Black GOP rallying the base in the base

I know I am not the only one seeing race baiting. I can not be the only one seeing a desperate GOP attempting to use smoke and mirrors of race to get votes. It is sad that the GOP is stuck in an era where people in America were stuck on race. Today Americans are stuck on the economy and what trickled down from the Reagan years. It is up to real progressives to keep the narrative on the failed policies that have put our nation into such peril. Newt and Santorum are throwbacks to a time long gone in America. Links…

A not so funny funny

We must be active this year. Get active people. We can not allow our countrymen to be held hostage any longer. Speak up and out