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Paranoid and not smoking

Every time President Obama gives a speech, I feel as if I am being followed. In his speech last night the president mentioned two things important to me: 1. Being able to access broadband from my rural home. I currently drive 10 miles one way to access broadband. There is a fiber optic line in front of my home since Katrina. 2. Solving our dependency on oil without polluting our nation. I refuse to become of the group that will turn this nation into China for a dollar. Then again China is investing in its transportation infrastructure. We have people in the country, mainly Congress, who refuse to invest in our infrastructure. Why are we limiting ourselves? Why have we turned our lives over to these experts on public policy? Congress has ceased to represent all of the people. It was with hilarity that I reviewed Mitch Daniels' rebuttal to the State of the Union. Mitch Daniels served in the Bush Administration. Mitch is part of the group that created the mess we are in today. It is disingenuous for him to even suggest the feasibility of President Obama being able to rectify the economic mess left by the Bush Administration. One would expect more from the Budget Director of the Bush Administration. Then again should one expect more? Mitch continued the fear mongering ways of the Bush Administration in his rebuttal. Mitch stated Obama was attempting to divide Americans. However, I can think of no greater divide than the one created by the Bush Administration's war on Islam. We have rational Americans attempting to reach across the canyon of hatred, created by the Bush administration against Islam, to once rational Americans now scared witless. Which brings me back to my point. I am think the president is following me. Be very careful of what you post on the internet if you do not plan to stand behind your words. I on the other hand mean all that I write at the time that I write it. I need broadband at my home and I refuse to sell out my nation or the people in it. Write Congress today. Please write Congress in support of the President, in support of our nation, and in support of Americans not making 20 million per year. Please review the links. Reviewing the links makes my rants seem less crazy.,NO,ZZmetroline.aspx


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