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Back in Black GOP rallying the base in the base

I know I am not the only one seeing race baiting. I can not be the only one seeing a desperate GOP attempting to use smoke and mirrors of race to get votes. It is sad that the GOP is stuck in an era where people in America were stuck on race. Today Americans are stuck on the economy and what trickled down from the Reagan years. It is up to real progressives to keep the narrative on the failed policies that have put our nation into such peril. Newt and Santorum are throwbacks to a time long gone in America. Links


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This weekend due to an enduring cough, I decided to binge watch Wayward Pines.  In truth, I actually need to binge on Game of Thrones but I shall save that binge($$$$$) for my birthday.  Let me not chase that rabbit for now.  Wayward Pines is one example of how having majority White writers of science fiction/fantasy continue to ignore the actual composition of Earth's population, the societal norms of those populations, and the ability of those populations to thrive outside of White intervention.

I am a lover of Fantasy and Science Fiction since childhood. What I have noted over the years is a common theme, humans(White people) have changed the environment to the point of either some horrifying human mutation or some climate apocalypse.  I often wonder why in these writings we don't see an evolution that leads to world peace.  Start Trek is one of the few that shows the possibility for humans after we  learn to work for peace not war.  However,  even Star Trek fails to accur…