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I so afraid. Really Jan Brewer?

First, bravo to President Obama for keeping his cool.

Maybe I am a little oversensitive about code talk by the GOP however Jan Brewer has taken the cake. First we had Newt with Blacks love food stamps and Obama is the food stamp president. Now Jan " in your face finger" Brewer is claiming she felt threaten by President Obama.

First, as a Black mother of males and living in Mississippi, I am very sensitive to the 1930's Jim Crowe code talk used by Brewer. Such talk has been used to kill and to imprison Black males in the South. It is a freaking shame. It is a throw back to the ads ran in TN showing Harold Ford and white women during his reelection campaign.
Jan can deny racism but her words and actions say otherwise. I view her actions as nothing more than a photo op to display "White Power". As governor of AZ I would expect the President to meet with her. He was there to talk economy not campaign. She would have had an opportunity to speak with him later about her concerns. However she chose to have a showdown on the tarmac. Yet she is claiming in her finger pointing glory that she was threaten. Lawd she was worse than the White woman in Color Purple who became Ophelia's boss.

I wait for the next GOP code talker to take our nation back.



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