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Day 4 2012

Last year I kept a separate blog about my quest for physical fitness. At an early point in the year family stress had me questioning the point of even living let alone getting fit. I stopped blogging about getting fit and then I stopped trying. October of 2011 was a rough month for my body. It had been almost 14 months since I had last had such an episode. I questioned in depth my chances of seeing 2012. As 2012 drew near I recognize I would have to make changes if I were to see 2013.
I am not blogging about a New Year's resolution. I am blogging about my quest to see 2013. Something's we can not control but others we do. We control how we allow outside factors to affect our health. We control what we as responsible people put into our bodies. If we give up our control, no matter how justified we may be, then we are left with what we see in the mirror before us.
Originally, I thought to keep this blog a secret once again yet I know hiding the stress that cause many of us to get off the fitness wagon will not help anyone. I hope by being open and honest about my quest to fitness ( mind,body, soul, & finance) others will be motivated and offer inspiration to me as well. Although I live in remote Mississippi, I know I am not alone. Feel free to join me. Follow me on Twitter where I shall devote 9pm CST to discussing the wins and challenges of the quest for that day.
Goal: small changes for a lifetime
I am not quitting anything cold turkey. This week I have devoted to identifying sources of stress and how to eliminate or reduce the impact on my life.

First: I work long hours four days a week. I am too tired on fifth day to enjoy weekend
Second: I am not a member of churches local to me. I drive 80+ mikes for spiritual association once a week.
Third: My son is rebellious and not focused on school. He is the rebel without a cause.
Fourth: My finances must come back into alignment to allow me to make needed repairs/upgrades to my home.

Today I am thankful to see progress at work. I am thankful for my mother being involved with my son rather than recommending boarding school for him. I am thankful that I have the peace of mind to blog tonight. I am thankful for heat as I sit sipping Zinfadel in my bubble bath.

Tomorrow is a new day, I give thanks to see it.


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