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Post Racial American Dream: Racist Reality

I originally started writing this posting late Thursday night. I saved it in a draft. The next morning between 8:00 and 8:17 my co-worker was killed in a car accident on his way to work. At that moment the suspicious death of a young black male in my hometown ( purpose of links) by a group of whites was pushed far from my thoughts. I spent the rest of the morning attempting to hold back the tears. Eventually I could fake the funk no longer, I left my office. My co-worker killed in the accident was a young white male who was young year older than the black male killed by a group of whites. Sometimes such events remind us of what is important. Although I am angry about what appears to be yet another suspicious racially motivated death in Mississippi, the death of my young co-worker reminds me to review the anger in me. I loved my co-worker as if he was a child of my own. The morning he was killed I was praying to God to understand my co-worker's desires in life. I was expecting him to mature into an IT manager. Today, as I attempt to finish writing the original post, I am still crying. I still feel it was unfair for him to die so soon. I know, what is fair? I do not know. I only know a life is gone that is deeply missed. ============================================================================================== Original post: maybe ============================================================================================== Please read the links below. Recently in my hometown in Mississippi a black male was shot in the back after being chased by a group of whites on the suspicion of theft. The incident is still under investigation. Currently only 2 of the 4 people in the vehicle involved in the chase are in jail. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations and FBI are investigating this matter. I am not writing as a primary source. I am writing as someone who is seeing a disturbing pattern in Mississippi and the nation. It seems in these harsh economic times minorities have become the scapegoats rather than the corporate raiders who created the economic mess. The laws against Latino workers and the kill-at-will of blacks are not signs of post racial America. The rise in gun sales and white supremacists groups since the election of President Obama say much about our post racial America. This morning, before I could have my first sip of coffee at McDonalds, the maintenance lady,who is white, apologized to me about the area not being cleaned. She was still shaking from her encounter with two white males. One of the two white males was upset with all of the fucking niggers and spics at McDonalds. He was upset that she was the only white person working at McDonalds. He went on to say that fucking niggers and spics should notbe allowed to breath. The lady lost her cool after the no breathing statement. She could only think of her own black family members. She was shaking when I saw her for she feared she was about to lose her job. I assured her, that she, as an employee, has the right to expect to not be mistreated at her place of work even if the customer is doing the bullying. Speaking as a minority, who interacts with other minorities, minorities are not plotting to kill white people. Minorities spend more time attempting to understand whites than ways to kill whites. The argument, "What about minorities that kill whites?" falls on deaf ears with me. That line runs on par with the "War on Christmas". If a white person is killed by a minority the crime is usually related to economics than to race. That means I could have been killed by the same person for the same reason. I am not saying there are no minorities in America who dream of killing whites. I am saying there are not enough to warrant increased sales in guns, white supremacist groups, or any other element of fear. I have yet to stock up on guns to kill white people in Mississippi,in spite of the actions of some whites in Mississippi. I refuse to live in fear. I treat others as I desire to be treated. We are not post racial America, yet. It is up to us to become post racial America. Mississippi does not have a monopoly on the suspicious deaths of minorities. However, our history makes us look as if we are to minorities what Florida is to children. America we can do this. We do not need to stock up on guns. We need to eliminate our stock of racial prejudgments. We need to apply the law equally to all people. We need to engage in the greater jihad of self. We must purge the hate within to see a change without. Links:


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