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The narrative is GOP obstruction

There is a difference between being an activist for a cause and a political activist.  In 2010 I moved from being an activist (LGBTQ rights, minority rights, women's rights, etc...) to being a political activist.  At some point I recognized having the right person in office would ensure the rights of everyone in America were protected.  When I made this move I learned the importance of the narrative held by the public.  I also learned how the media actually formed the narrative.  Watching Morning Joe this morning on the Fiscal Cliff Vote Eve, I listened to the formation of the narrative to give the GOP an out on the deal.

There is no out for the GOP.  It is imperative that we are clear on the GOP's out, it does not exist.  In 2010, while not yet the majority in the House, the GOP was able to strong arm a continuation of the2001  Bush Tax Cuts.  They even expressed surprised President Obama went along with their demands.  At that time, Christmas 2010, I blogged my desire for th…

Twitter lesson #10089 - Applebee's IMHO

Ok, boys and girls, I have another Twitter lesson for you.  Watch what you tweet.  It seems I have gained a follower on Twitter as a result of something I may have tweeted recently. 

I sent a tweet in reply to a tweet someone sent recently about having dinner at Applebee's.  I replied to the tweet with directions to another restaurant with a suggestion McDs would be better.  It seems my tweet did not go unnoticed.  I stand behind my comments.

I have been traveling since I was 1.  (Long story of models, airline stewardess, and flight privileges).  I am a big woman who lives to eat. Because of traveling for work I got out of the habit of cooking at home.  Only because of a stroke did I slow my roll and return to cooking at home.  However, I and my children are no strangers to restaurant dining.   We also are not afraid to just say forget it when a restaurant continues to produce plastic food. 

Applebee's was placed on that list after several attempts to enjoy their new creation…

Not another gun violence blog post

It is simple in my view, we have a problem.  We must ask why are assault weapons, weapons that spray when fired, required in civilian life.  I am not against gun ownership. I do question those who are arming themselves with weapons more suited for battle than stopping home invasion.  Are these people expecting the American government to attack them? Why?

As details emerge from this latest mass shooting, it becomes more clear, we have a problem that is not solved by more guns.

GOP's horror movie - The fiscal cliff

I am amazed at the intentional obtuseness of the GOP.  One must think it is intentional they are not seeing the rejection of their policies by the American people in the last national election. In spite of the open attempts by the GOP to prevent people from voting, the people voted to reject GOP policies. Yet, I have seen\heard nothing but continued attempts by the GOP to scare the people into continuing the disastrous polices of the party.

 This fiscal cliff is a "boogeyman" created under the guise of bi-partisanship by the GOP to scare the Dems into doing their bidding.  The GOP is making the talk show rounds to promote the "boogeyman" as being the scariest thing ever.  However, much like the pathetic "Paranormal" series, even six year olds are calling it whack.  The people who voted down the GOP policies in the 212 national election are the survivors of the train wreck of the Bush Administration.  We have lived through some shit and are no longer fearf…