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The narrative is GOP obstruction

There is a difference between being an activist for a cause and a political activist.  In 2010 I moved from being an activist (LGBTQ rights, minority rights, women's rights, etc...) to being a political activist.  At some point I recognized having the right person in office would ensure the rights of everyone in America were protected.  When I made this move I learned the importance of the narrative held by the public.  I also learned how the media actually formed the narrative.  Watching Morning Joe this morning on the Fiscal Cliff Vote Eve, I listened to the formation of the narrative to give the GOP an out on the deal.

There is no out for the GOP.  It is imperative that we are clear on the GOP's out, it does not exist.  In 2010, while not yet the majority in the House, the GOP was able to strong arm a continuation of the2001  Bush Tax Cuts.  They even expressed surprised President Obama went along with their demands.  At that time, Christmas 2010, I blogged my desire for the President to allow unemployment benefits to end rather than to give into GOP demands.  We know he and the Democrats gave in rather than see vulnerable Americans go without at Christmas time.  In every stand-off the GOP attacks the poor/working poor to get protection for the 1.2%. 

This morning on Morning Joe, the talking heads discussed how it was up to President Obama to get Congress to work.  I thought that was the job of the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader.  One of the pundits called President Obama the poison in D.C. that prevented Congress from working together.   Another spoke of the damage to his legacy.  My response to both comments was, "Seriously?"

President Obama is not the issue. The GOP is the issue.  The narrative as I see it is GOP obstructionism.  They vowed in 2010 to not work with the President.  They continued to sell the 2001 Bush Tax Cuts even in light of the fact the tax cuts had not worked by 2008.  They promised to create jobs but spent most of their time since 2010  creating more bills attacking Roe v Wade than comprehensive legislation for jobs.  Even against the backdrop of seats lost in the House and the Senate, the GOP continues to play the passive aggressive fiscal bully.  Mitch McConnell's statement of needing a dance partner is moot given he has not arrived to the ball.  The ball is the fact that Americans turned out in 2012 to vote down the GOP's fiscal policy for America. 

It is time to change the narrative.  It is time for the mainstream media to stop lying to the people.  The people must seek out to become more educated on the issues.  It is time to for actual sound policy rather than policy based on race, sex, sexual orientation or even religion. We must evolve in 2013 to become informed voters who have become informed by our own research efforts.  The narrative is stop GOP obstruction. 


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