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Twitter lesson #10089 - Applebee's IMHO

Ok, boys and girls, I have another Twitter lesson for you.  Watch what you tweet.  It seems I have gained a follower on Twitter as a result of something I may have tweeted recently. 

I sent a tweet in reply to a tweet someone sent recently about having dinner at Applebee's.  I replied to the tweet with directions to another restaurant with a suggestion McDs would be better.  It seems my tweet did not go unnoticed.  I stand behind my comments.

I have been traveling since I was 1.  (Long story of models, airline stewardess, and flight privileges).  I am a big woman who lives to eat. Because of traveling for work I got out of the habit of cooking at home.  Only because of a stroke did I slow my roll and return to cooking at home.  However, I and my children are no strangers to restaurant dining.   We also are not afraid to just say forget it when a restaurant continues to produce plastic food. 

Applebee's was placed on that list after several attempts to enjoy their new creations fell flat.  In my home we now look at those commercials and laugh.  We have left too many uneaten  meals on the table at Applebee's.  I can not recall when Applebee's went bad but I know in the late 80's, I loved Applebee's.  Today, I am willing to eat from the vending machine rather than at Applebee's.

My issues with Applebee's:
Franchising diminishes the quality of service.
Servers not attentive. Water comes out with meal? Seriously
Advertised special not available.
Food tastes as if heated in plastic in a microwave.  Is it possible to get anything fresh?

I am not asking for Gordon Ramsay service and food .  I am asking for the service staff to be aware of the menu, fresh food, less microwave tasting food, and more flavor. It is not fair, especially for diners far from home, to have a choice of not eating or of eating food with less flavor than cardboard.

I am only writing of my experience with Applebee's in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Tennessee.  I may have missed a state.  I am sure my opinion would improve if the glass of water arrived at my table in less than 15 minutes of my being seated.


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