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GOP's horror movie - The fiscal cliff

I am amazed at the intentional obtuseness of the GOP.  One must think it is intentional they are not seeing the rejection of their policies by the American people in the last national election. In spite of the open attempts by the GOP to prevent people from voting, the people voted to reject GOP policies. Yet, I have seen\heard nothing but continued attempts by the GOP to scare the people into continuing the disastrous polices of the party.

 This fiscal cliff is a "boogeyman" created under the guise of bi-partisanship by the GOP to scare the Dems into doing their bidding.  The GOP is making the talk show rounds to promote the "boogeyman" as being the scariest thing ever.  However, much like the pathetic "Paranormal" series, even six year olds are calling it whack.  The people who voted down the GOP policies in the 212 national election are the survivors of the train wreck of the Bush Administration.  We have lived through some shit and are no longer fearful.  We are about getting the job done right this time around.  In 2010 we showed we are not afraid to let do nothing Democrats leave office.  Fiscal Cliff is not the new "Friday 13th" for us.  We understood and voted against the Ryan plan.  The Ryan Plan was the worst "kick- the- can- down- the -road" piece of legislation since Congress agreed to use our credit card to finance two wars based on the outright lies of the Bush Administration.  

However, the GOP continues to promote the Bush tax cuts of 2001 as the saving grace for America.  We are in year eleven of those tax cuts and have seen no benefit for anyone but the high-level investors(people who do not sweat to earn money).  Lindsay Graham had the nerve to suggest that if we do not support the bank accounts of the super wealthy we will become Greece.  Graham knows social spending (entitlements) are not the cause for the ills in Greece or any other European nation.  Europe's getting into bed with our financial institutions is a factor in the birthing pains experienced by Europe.  There was a reason we pushed TARP through Congress; our financial institutions had a ponzi scheme that made them too big to fail. The sad truth, which must be addressed by our leaders, is we are the authors via our corporations of our own financial frustrations.   

As I turned to my own children to explain how I had blown my paycheck and bills still had to be paid, Congress must now turn to our corporations and have the same fucking talk.  We can not fix this mess by hurting the most vulnerable amongst us.  Doing such a thing only weakens us as a nation.  We can fix it by doing right by the people first and corporations second.

It is my personal view we should do a few things:

End the Bush tax cuts for everyone.  We were doing better in 1994 than we have since 2001. End the tax cuts in stages starting with the upper level incomes.

Get states and corporations out of the healthcare business.  We need single payer/national healthcare in America.  It helps relieve the stress from the states and businesses.

Asses penalties for the states sitting on the "stimulus"funding.

Improve our transportation, digital,electrical, and other utility, infrastructures.  If China and Indida are doing so then surely we can afford improvements.

Invest in space exploration and green technology while we still have potable water.  The dividends from our discoveries will be worth the investments. 

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