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Blame Autisim

There are some events in news on which I do my best not to comment. However, it is inevitable someone will make a comment which in my view demands a rebuttal. Joe Scarborough has made that comment. He has stated the shooter in the massacre at the theater in Aurora may be on the autism scale. I refuse to be silent as the corporate controlled media attempts to bury the event in mental illness. James Holmes is a terrorist. He should face trial according to the full extent of the USA Patriot Act(2001). His actions created massive destruction and put human lives in great harm. It is an affront to autistic people and their families to attempt to excuse the shooter’s actions as being the result of autism. At a time when we need to have serious discussions on mental disorders, Scarborough’s comments linking a horrific crime only serve to push such discussions deeper into the closet of shame. Holmes being socially awkward does not mean he is autistic. If being socially awkward ma…

Stop Voter ID

U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530-0001 J. Suzanne Harmon P.O. Box 95 Kosciusko, MS 39090 Attn: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Sir, I am writing to you regarding the proposal for implementing The Voter ID law in Mississippi. Mississippi requires a photo ID in order to obtain a birth certificate. A birth certificate is one of the documents required to obtain state issued photo ID. I am asking the DOJ to please intervene on behalf of the citizens of the United States residing in the state of Mississippi to prevent the full implementation of the Voter ID law. The state must correct the requirement for obtaining a birth certificate prior to enforcing the Voter ID law in Mississippi. I have included a link to and the verbiage for obtaining a birth certificate in Mississippi. I was asked, by the Secretary of State Office, in 2011 to write a con for what was then Proposition 27 on the ballot for the general election in Mississippi. …

If I only had no brain

If I only had no brain

As you read the letter below please remember the affects of oil spills. Also remember the number of oil spills. Finally please note the health costs associated with oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. Think Jindal as you think of health costs. Do we really wish to become China or India to have jobs.

Now you have the backdrop here is the letter.

Dear Friend,

Louisiana is still suffering from the job-crushing moratorium put in place after the BP oil spill. The Obama administration shut down the entire offshore oil and gas industry and thousands of jobs were lost because of it. Many Louisianians, including myself, pleaded for answers to why this happened, but we could never get a clear one.

Now we’re seeing extremely alarming evidence showing that Obama administration officials may have tampered with the facts that led to their decision to put the moratorium in place. And further, administration officials may have been hiding information from our Congressional ove…

ACA held hostage by GOP governors

I am submitting my opinion of the ACA decision for publication and balance to recent printed opinions.

It is imperative, especially for Mississippians, the people learn how the Affordable Care Act of 2010 will improve their lives. When people fail to seek out knowledge for themselves they become victims of those who hold the knowledge. The Mississippi Center for Justice has a website( with in-depth knowledge of what the Affordable Care Act means for Mississippians.

Robert’s decision to keep in place all the tenets of the Affordable Care Act, allows America to move forward in correcting the current broken for profit healthcare system. Given Mitt Romney was governor at the time Massachusetts implemented the same healthcare system, one wonders why Mitt has pledge to repeal the Affordable Care Act his first day in office. What will he repeal?

• Medicaid income eligibility for all individuals under the age of 65, with incomes up to …