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Blame Autisim

There are some events in news on which I do my best not to comment. However, it is inevitable someone will make a comment which in my view demands a rebuttal. Joe Scarborough has made that comment. He has stated the shooter in the massacre at the theater in Aurora may be on the autism scale. I refuse to be silent as the corporate controlled media attempts to bury the event in mental illness. James Holmes is a terrorist. He should face trial according to the full extent of the USA Patriot Act(2001). His actions created massive destruction and put human lives in great harm. It is an affront to autistic people and their families to attempt to excuse the shooter’s actions as being the result of autism. At a time when we need to have serious discussions on mental disorders, Scarborough’s comments linking a horrific crime only serve to push such discussions deeper into the closet of shame. Holmes being socially awkward does not mean he is autistic. If being socially awkward makes one autistic and homicidal then why have I not committed such horrific crimes? I am extremely awkward when it comes to interacting with humans face to face. If being socially awkward is a reason to pardon someone’s anti-social and homicidal behaviors then we need to prepare to empty our for profit prisons. John Allen Muhammad, a Gulf War veteran was put to death in 2009 as a result of his killing spree from 2002 to 2003. Muhammad, the D.C. Snipper, had a history of mental illness. He however was found guilty and sentenced to death. I am not calling for the death of Holmes; I am calling for him to not be given a social pardon based on possible mental illness. We need to keep the door open for honest discussions on mental disorders and real discussions on gun ownership. It is time for us to ask real questions and then discuss without inflammatory language the answers. Truth is people with guns not guns kill other people. We should ask why we have such a large number of gun related deaths in the United States per capita. Why are we not advocating alternative conflict resolutions with our children? Why are young adults increasingly feeling socially awkward and not engaging beyond electronic communications? How can we be better parents, teachers, leaders, and care givers to the young in America? Why are we ashamed to discuss mental disorders? Why are we over medicated? After we work on the mental side of the matter we need to ask questions regarding gun ownership. Why have we allowed, without any protest, the existing gun laws to expire? Why do civilians feel the need to own assault weapons? Why are theaters planning to ban costumes? Why are some Americans living in fear of being attacked by another group of Americans? Why are we allowing our culture of freedom to become one of fear? Riddle me this Americans.


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