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Earn My Vote-You Betta Vote

A few weeks back I was having an offline conversation with Black males.  They express to me a desire to not vote because voting doesn’t matter.  I admit I lost my cool. “Not Vote!!!?? Have you lost your fucking mind?”  In my defense these children were 17-19 years of age.  In their defense they are 17-19 years of age.  I realized they may have missed a few lessons in public school.  However, when I am on Twitter and supposedly educated Black people are yelling, “Earn My Vote”, I think we have fucking lost it.  First thing first it is still 2015 why are we discussing the 2016 presidential election?  We had 464 people killed by police as of May 2015.  That stat is not including the unofficial number or those ruled suicide.  In my view, we should be organizing to survive 2015.  At the current rate of the Jim Crowe killings we may not be here in 2016 to vote.   Many of the issues we face in the Black community can be resolved at the local or state level if we vote and engage locally. T…