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Earn My Vote-You Betta Vote

A few weeks back I was having an offline conversation with Black males.  They express to me a desire to not vote because voting doesn’t matter.  I admit I lost my cool. “Not Vote!!!?? Have you lost your fucking mind?”  In my defense these children were 17-19 years of age.  In their defense they are 17-19 years of age.  I realized they may have missed a few lessons in public school.  However, when I am on Twitter and supposedly educated Black people are yelling, “Earn My Vote”, I think we have fucking lost it. 
First thing first it is still 2015 why are we discussing the 2016 presidential election?  We had 464 people killed by police as of May 2015.  That stat is not including the unofficial number or those ruled suicide.  In my view, we should be organizing to survive 2015.  At the current rate of the Jim Crowe killings we may not be here in 2016 to vote.   Many of the issues we face in the Black community can be resolved at the local or state level if we vote and engage locally.
There is no reason on this planet or the next five as to why Ferguson, Missouri is controlled by the minority White citizens.   I do applaud recent action for a recall in Ferguson but the fact remains, Mike Brown should not have been police by racist police under a racist chief under a racist mayor and a racist city council.  All of those things can be changed simply by voting.  No excuses.    The effort is still ongoing although the signatures for recall were rejected for bogus reasons.   The people are on the right track and I support their continued efforts. 
Which brings me to the second item, why are we not engaging with current elected officials?  Instead of focusing on 2016 presidential election, why are we not organizing trips to Texas or Ohio to sit in the offices of the governors?  Why are there no protests organized to sit in the offices of Boehner or McConnell or Ryan until funding is released back for programs that helped minorities?  A president can purpose a program but Congress funds it. 
Engaging with elected officials isn’t always about confrontation.  The only time ambush moves should be made is if the candidate or official has refused to engage.  Try a simple letter or phone call.  I have an issue with my governor who has refused to engage beyond a “thank you for writing” response.  Well, it is election year in Mississippi.  It is now time for me to get him to answer on the spot certain questions.  Note, I did attempt to engage via other means before resorting to ambush tactics. 
All stating someone needs to earn their vote need to get a reality check.  As much as I wish there was a progressive not corporate beholden political party that had a chance of winning public office, I know we are not there yet.  Somehow, Libertarian ideals have seeped into the mindset of some Blacks.  These people feel they are better off not voting until they awake to realize many of the social gains achieved have been rescinded by the GOP.   They honestly think, we, who make up 11% of the nation would be okay under Tea Party GOP rule.  Visit Mississippi then get back to me on how okay we would be.  The grown-up reality is, for now, we do have to vote the lesser of two evils. 
We don’t have the luxury of White heterosexual males of not voting.  We haven’t arrived to the point of being able to not vote. Rather than taking talking points and running with them do your own research.  Check out the platforms of the two parties in the links below.  Government works when we don’t give up our part in it. Take ownership of your government.  You are a citizen of the United States, step-up and act like it. 

Always read the links.  I write my views but give sources as to why I feel as I do.


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