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Worldwide people revolution

The basis of my blog is that I am a mad woman from Mississippi. Given that is my basis please do not allow this post to shock you. I am writing from a view of complete and disgust filled anger. My anger stems from the reactions in America to the revolution in Egypt from the Left and the Right political groups.

I am so completely amazed that we in America continue to tout our superiority over the rest of the world when we know nothing about the people around the world. Pull any Egyptian or Iraqi off the street and he/she can tell you more about the American people than we can about either Egypt or Iraq. It is sad that we as Americans have continued to support despot leaders around the world out of fear that our country would fall if we actually supported the people of those countries. Yesterday, I watched U.S. leader after leader evade giving full support to the Egyptian people. I watched the television thinking WTL??!!!??? Sen. John McCain came out with a massive load of BS about "We need to be on the right side of history." I thought, dude you are fighting HCR in the United States but you wish to be concerned about the right side of history in Egypt? Somewhere there is a disconnect. There is a disconnect between the gross amount of biological testicles in D.C. and the actions of our leaders.

As a American child, after the death of Muhammad Anwar El Sadat, I knew things were about to hit the fan in Egypt. Those things have been hitting the fan for 30 freaking years. I have listen since childhood to the United States tell me how Egypt was our only friend in the Near East. I have watched my country turn a blind eye to the treatment of the people in Egypt. Yesterday, I waited and I waited for some elected official to proclaim that Egypt was getting no money from us this year or any year until the power of rule was given to the people. No one should fear his/her government. It is a hypocrisy for us, the United States, to claim to spread democracy when we prop up leaders world wide who oppress the people of their countries. We prop up these leaders to gain allies to protect Israel, to gain access to natural resources, or to gain strategic access to countries we wish to intimidate with our military might.

This foot dragging by the White House and members of Congress in calling for Mubarak to step down not just change the window dressing of his statehouse is pure BS. We need to stop having fear. Even some liberal progressives in this country are worried that without Mubarak Egypt will become a Muslim nation. I have a few wake-up moments for those people. Look at Afghanistan ( Look at the once secular Iraq . How much money have we poured into Iraq and Afghanistan? ( I ask Americans to get to know Muslims, get to know people from the Near East (not all are Muslims), and to get the facts before giving into the fears that have been taught to you since childhood.

This revolution is not just a revolt against a regime. It is a revolt against oppression by a people held back for so long. These people see the advancements in India and China and wonder why not us. The prominence of internet access in the Near East has grown. These people are not stupid people unable to discern the content they view over the internet from around the world. They are tired of being oppressed or feeling the need to leave their country for a better life. The people are demanding a better life. They are seeing and understanding what state mandated religions will do for a nation. It keeps a nation in the dark and unable to progress beyond the point of when a mandated religion was put into law. These people are tired. I do not have any fear that strict Islamic law will be put into place in Egypt. The people are intelligent enough to know if they allowed it to happen they would only be changing jail cells. These people are tired and are demanding freedom. They are tired of corruption that allows some to skirt the law but not others. They are tired of corruption that causes them to pay for basic civil rights. Other countries and warlords in the area should be concerned for people are tired.

I shall say what is not being said in the mainstream media (MSM), the president and Congress should be concerned. People in the United States are becoming tired. They are awakening to the fact that the closet thing to liberal media is the internet. A medium which some seek to control the content. They are awakening to the fact that tax cuts do not work. They are awakening to the fact that the economy began getting better by companies cutting jobs in the US to send overseas or across the boarder. They are awakening to the fact that some seek to keep the real middle class and the poor uneducated and drawn deeper into the bowels of poverty. They are beginning to awaken to the fact that no man is an island and to deny liberty to one is to deny liberty to all. They are beginning to wake up to why HCR is important if they desire freedom from huge medical red tape, premiums and old medical bills. They are beginning to awaken to the fear mongering promoted within the MSM. They are beginning to awaken to an understanding that hating one another will not help this country. They are awakening to the fact that brains not guns will help us achieve our goals for our nation.

Tunisia was just the start. A revolution by the people is about to occur worldwide. The people are tired of lies and being oppressed by corporate backed governments. The skillet is getting hot around the world. The people are saying here I am do what you will but I shall not be your bitch anymore. I stand with the people. The people are seeking justice for all not just some. When seeking freedom and justice for all you are always standing on the right side of history.


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