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MT Day 9 not stopping

I am still going after 7 days of training. I would say strong but I am not. I am pleased with the results of my training thus far. I am an inch smaller for my shirts are fitting better. I have clarity in thoughts.

I am not getting to bed at a decent time. I shall work more this week on getting to bed at a decent hour. Sleep is important.

I celebrated with wine the Jets win over New England. I had one glass and lots of water. I awaken this morning in great spirits. I fixed a smoothie for myself (banana, strawberry, collards, cayenne, and peaches). I fixed french toast and eggs for the boys.

During my bike ride, I could feel the cayenne working its way in my body. I continue to not have any swelling in my hands. I have had some swelling in my feet and hip areas. I am sure that soon that swelling will stop as well.

The key points that came to me today during my workout are

Do not stop
Motivate self at all times
Do not wait for others to motivate you
Ignore those who would get you off point
Do not wait for the perfect setting, equipment, or time - just do it

More later. Thanks for following.



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