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MT Day 13 loving it

I am writing from my bike. I just shared a great conversation with my 18 year old. My kids tell me I preach. I call it wisdom sharing. It is good for them to see that I am working out each day.

Recently I slipped into old eating habits when faced with deadlines. I have to prepare snacks ahead to battle the times I am pressed for time.

I am looking forward to next week's addition of weights to my training.

Mentally I am sharp. I feel almost 22 again. I an getting creative inspiration everywhere I look. I discovered LinkTV this week. It is a good station for my bike ride.

Enough for the night. I am looking at an 11pm bedtime.

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  1. It's me again. The guy that moved from MS next door to LA. Not sure if I went forward, back in time, or just a lateral move. Anyway, I love LinkTV. Watch Bridge to Iran when its on. Glad I found you.


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