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Stormy Weather

I have a slight headache from my night last night. I was up until 2AM keeping the stress I felt from my face during yet another tornado in my county in Mississippi. All of that aside, I shall attempt to solider on with my take on storms, tax cuts, government officials being superheroes.

Given that I am short, I shall keep this stuff short and sweet.
The storm that hit NYC could have been handled more effectively had the city and the state not made budget cuts that reduced the experienced workforce of those who normally handle blizzards. The state and the city were force to make cuts because of the reduction in federal funds coming into the state. This event is an example of trickle down working in the lives of the American people. Something that I find to be humorous is Gov. Christie's application for federal funds to assist with clean-up. It is downright a slap in the face to unemployed, uninsured, poverty living Americans who bear the results of his rhetoric regarding entitlement spending. I suggest he gets a shovel and join the mayor of Newark and put his back into it. Please note, I have lived in NJ and love the people. They were so warm and welcoming the state should be the "Hospitality State".

Finally, I shall chime in on something that came up during the Oil Spill of 2010 that made a mess of unemployment and small businesses in Mississippi that do not benefit from the oil proceeds the received by the state of Louisiana. Note, many in Mississippi work in the offshore industry but the state itself does not receive direct revenue as does Louisiana. Watching Fox News, I was given the impression that President Obama was a petroleum engineer with a specialty in hydraulics instead of a lawyer with a specialty in Constitution law. Every day there were reports of his failure to stop the spill, I thought to myself "super nigger": He is able to plug any size hole with using his tremendous male sex organ( I love blogging). " Just as I did not expect President Obama to stop the oil spill himself, I do not expect the government officials of either NJ or NYC to hold back a blizzard. Given they had to make budget cuts because of a reduction in federal funds given to the state, the mess we saw in the blizzard of 2010 should have been expected. In short our elected officials are not superheroes or even smarter than the average voter. Our elected officials are just people willing to be the lighting rod in the storm for a price( personal coffer enrichment).

When things happen in Mississippi my first thought is not what the government will do to correct the matter. My first thought is what can I do to fix things. After Katrina, my second thought is how much will the government allow me to do without blocking my efforts. We are Americans. We can overcome all that is thrown at us (my personal belief). We must not allow ourselves to become soft by depending on our government to provide for us or to tell us what to do. There are times when government officials should be expected to step into a matter and times when they should not be expected to do so. A natural disaster is such a time for officials to roll-up their sleeves and get to work. A private corporation bungling of equipment is not the time is not such a time. When it is a private corporation government officials should work to hold the corporation accountable for full repair from the damage they have caused.

We need to get real about federal tax cuts and elected officials being human.

Additional reads, as always I love the comments to the articles. A way to gain insight to the American psyche. ( read the things tea party people are against)


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