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Chasing the rabbit on a sunny day

Please click on the title link to get the background for the chase. I love life and humans.

Today, as life returned to my body, I took time to speak with an offline buddy about life in general. Given I am a product of my society; I was reading tweets as I spoke with my buddy. I came across one tweet about child abuse that led me to another news article in the local paper ( It is this news article that led to my buddy and I chasing the rabbit.

The article spoke of the cancellation by a local Tea Party to demonstrate outside the building that houses a local Nation of Islam Study group the day before Easter. The reason for the demonstration was to highlight radical Islam. At the end of the article there was a paragraph of an email sent earlier this week confirming the plans of the National Black Panther Party of Self Defense to be at the same location the day before Easter. All things being me, I immediately saw humor in the cancellation. My buddy and I started the bunny chase down the rabbit hole with great laughter.

The first chamber of the rabbit hole was our questioning why protest on a Saturday, when mosque is Friday night? Who knows maybe the Nation of Islam is only serious about “da White man” and not Islam. Wrong answer if you think so. I sat in my truck laughing my stomach off (might as well make it productive). Easter is not a big day in Islam. I said to my buddy only in Mississippi would you have people so clueless.

Clueless Mississippians was the second chamber in the rabbit hole. I immediately corrected myself given the large number of people in Mississippi with college and advanced degrees. Mississippi leads the nation when it comes to underemployment. My buddy who is not from Mississippi agreed with me on the actual IQ level for the state being much higher than its projected image. My revision statement pointed out how sad people can be filled with so much hate they are willing to lower their IQ levels. Hate causes people to become blind to the truth.

The third chamber into which we fell laughing our overweight hind-parts was how Jesus would be hated today if he walked the streets. My buddy said he would be called a faggot. I stated ,no, he would be called a gang banger. I said think about it, the historical Jesus, of the Christian myth, was of dark complexion with woolly hair, little respect for the hypocritical religious governing body of his day, always teaching his interpretation of scripture, he rolled 12 deep with his homeboys, and he had women still doing favors for him after he was in a jam on the cross. We laughed until the tears stained my shirt.

We finally decided to let the rabbit go for we had gone far enough in the rabbit hole to know it was crazy. Had we caught the rabbit we risked being just as crazy as everything else in its hole. Facts about Islam Islam holidays (use for better protest scheduling) Organization dealing with the results of gang violence. Check deeper before giving. Another official Jesus is My Homeboy site. Check before giving. Fear of Islam Soledad O’Brien

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