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I am still working on my piece about Black people. The piece is special to me for when I rant on Blacks, I know I need to have facts. Given my current mental state( I recently mistook my son's size 0< jeans as my own. I am a size " girl you should know better") the piece is slow to come together. I am posting this piece of opinion together as a place holder for the real rant I have inside of me. Yesterday, I came across a "news" item posted on several different sources about Jesse Jackson Jr.'s claim of iPad's destruction to our economy. My initial reaction was WTL???!!!?? After actually reading one of the many links to the story, I said, WTF???!!!?!!! I posted the link on FB and caused a little confusion with a FB buddy.

Here is my point, WTL???!!!?? First his statement makes about as much sense as bemoaning the moving of television manufacturing to Mexico. Why pick on the iPad killing printing when many of us already do not read. Some things in evolution need not to be fought. Secondly and most importantly, was this news?

I think the story was not news. I remember during the Bush years how each time Rove and Cheney did something we had 100% coverage of Brittany Spears. Now that Paul Ryan has flub up on Medicare and votes are being lost and found in WI we are getting stories on Jesse Jackson Jr. being off the wall and a wedding in England. Hello, wake up people. The royals in England do not control jack. Jesse Jackson's attack on the iPad means little when he spent his own money to buy one. You have yet to hear me attack Wal-mart where I shop. It is to the chagrin of my buddies that I shop at Wal-mart without remorse but so be it. I am keeping it real.

We must stay focused on the real issues. We need to investigate the voter fraud in WI. We must stop the Tea Baggers who wish to push this country back to the 19th century when it comes to labor laws and public social programs. We must make the MSM take note of what is actually important to us. May God bless William and Kate and save the Queen in the process. May Jesse Jackson Jr. give up his iPad to support economic development in the United States. May we the people get off our butts and into the streets to demand economic and social justice.

To my FB buddy who took me to task late last night/early this morning, you know you rock. Keep doing what you do to keep people aware.

Excellent news sources LinkTV

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