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Tiger Mom

This posting is pure justification of my parenting. The issue of parenting arose today during a discussion during lunch with some high-level thinkers about children in the public school system. I have been parenting for several years now. One thing I always let a child know is I am not his/her friend. I am mommy. Mommy means I shall love you no matter what you do or what is done to you. Mommy means if you call me at 3 AM you will find I am already on my way to you. Mommy means I am not asking for pay for anything I do for you. Mommy also means I treat you in a manner where you will be able to be interdependent, to maintain confidence in your decisions, and able to give unconditional love to another. Friends(BFFs) come and go over the course of a lifetime, mommy is always there. When I make such a commitment, I have expectations.

I do not accept delinquent behaviors from children. I am not a tiger parent, I am a strict parent. I am open to children watching television on non-school nights. I am open to a child deciding what he/she would like to do with his/her life as long as it is positive and productive. I encourage sports, physical activity, and music appreciation. I myself am an avid gamer so it would be hypocritical for me to deny gaming to a child. Yet, I set boundaries on various activities (i.e. television, music genres, video gaming, and etc...). I have been this way for 20 years. I grew up in such an environment.

As an adult I came to understand I was not missing much by not being able to watch Foxy Brown as a child. The only thing I was missing by not eating all of the sugar I desired as a child was the excess baggage in my trunk. When I think of my childhood, although not rosy, I did benefit from having a clear and understood set of boundaries. My parents did not give up when I tested those boundaries. Part of the problem we have in today's society and schools is parents giving up. We as parents must reconnect with why we chose to become parents. We must set boundaries that allow our children to form their own independent views(trust me it is easier typed than done) while establishing a sense of security in the children.

Ok, I am done. I could not rant long. Must take son to dentist. It is not being a tiger mom to care enough about your child to lay the ground work now for him/her to have a successful and enjoyable life as an adult.


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