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Just live right everyday

This posting to my blog will be short and done. I have in my time on this planet seen many wonders that defy logic. I believe that God speaks to each of us every day. Given I am just a goddess and not God, I do not even attempt to tell people what God is saying to them. The purpose of my blog is not to convert anyone to my faith. In this posting I share a portion of my views on God/faith/religion/spiritually. Ok, I mainly shall ask if the world ending tomorrow our biggest issue?

In my optimistic view, the world ending tomorrow is not our biggest problem. The biggest problem we face is the world continuing after 6pm on May 21, 2011. How much longer can we continue to kill, to spread hate and fear, to oppress those without power and to worship the false gods that cause us to defile ourselves in hopes of having it all? I am ready for the end of such an age to come to be honest. Such living is not healthy for humans or planet.

Spend the next 24 hours looking at the media with an objective view. Write the first thoughts that come to mind after your media feast. Most of today's media is geared towards creating enough fear that people began to hate enough to kill those who really have no power in hopes of reaching the top. (Whew!!!) I am not sure what the top is but people are willing to die for it. If you are not willing to die for the top then you are viewed as either crazy or a wimp. I am not willing to kill, steal, lie or to oppress in order to achieve "success". My view of God tells me that I need not do those things to achieve the "success" God has for my life. I am only to walk the path that is best for me and to treat everyone I encounter with love and respect along the way.

My son turned to me to ask if I really believe the world will end. I gave to him my usual reply, " If I am hit by a bus in the next second, the world has come to an end for me. It is imperative that we all live our lives as if the "now" is all we have." I once said that statement to my son while working in the middle of a field, he asked me as any child would, "You wouldn't see that bus coming in this field?" Lessons are often lost on the youth of today. I digress. My point is live now. Live well. Love often. We should not need a the threat of some vengeful, wrath filled and angry god coming to make us live with love and respect for all.

I am sad for there are some who will take the rapture to heart. They will sell all they own. Almost 20 years ago some people in my hometown started selling their possessions and quitting their jobs based on the doomsday rhetoric of some minister in WI. I watched the display on CNN with a heavy heart for I knew those people. Thankfully the authorities stepped in to stopped the nonsense. I say nonsense for the minister was asking the people to send money to him.

God bless us all. If today is your last day is today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow know that I send love to you and to yours. May we all rise above doomsday to enjoy this day, this hour, and this moment.


As always please read the comments on the links as well. It is great to know what people are thinking.


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