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Party in Mississippi

Party in Mississippi

Yesterday, I attended the Natchez Trace Festival in Attala County. I was glad that there was still a town to hold the event. The county has had a tornado to touchdown every week for the last three weeks. However, people from the county, surrounding counties (also hit by tornadoes for the last three weeks) and other parts of Mississippi came together to buy and to sell handmade crafts, collectibles and food.

The people enjoyed the festival, the food, and a break in storms. However, most of the people at the festival were still concerned about the coming week of storms and would God continue to spare them. It concerned me that a people who have seen much hardships over generations where looking to the sky with a frown when they spoke of the pending storms to come next week. However, I found hope in the fact that many spoke of God’s grace.

Enjoy the pictures and make plans to attend next year, the last weekend in April. The video was shot sideways.

Stay bless


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