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Who's Your Daddy?

I wish to ask that you please read the links in this posting. This posting will show yet another reason I shall never be elected to public office in America. I am not willing to eat buttered bread while my brother has not even the crumbs from the crust. If one person on this planet is oppressed then I am also oppressed. We need to all work together. What is happening now, in my lifetime, in Israel is wrong. I stand firm in my belief that President Obama was correct in stating Israel needs to accept the borders of its 1967 existence. I view his words as being extremely lenient and not worth the fuss in America media.

I may be one of the few in America who does not agree with the forced establishment of Israel in what was once Palestine. Yet, we, as were other Euro-centric nations, were still caught up in the 19th century idea of “nation building”, that we thought nothing of displacing Palestinian families to make a country for the displaced Jews of Europe. We thought nothing of allowing children to be wakened in the middle of the night from their beds to be told they would be moved to make room for another child to sleep in their bed. We continued to finance the genocide. I find it funny from a historical view that the European Jews who settled in Israel committed/are committing the same atrocities as did Hitler (sans gas chambers).

I am appalled by the hate legislation in Israel for those who are not Jewish. I am appalled by the apartheid experienced by those darker than the descendents of the European Jews who settled in what was once Palestine ( I am appalled that many in America have bought into the existence of a Jewish state based on biblical text. If that is the case then based on my Choctaw biblical text it is time for the United States to return to the Choctaw boundaries prior to 1831.

We, in America, need to get a real clue as to what is going on in the Near East. Reading the links in this posting is a start but not enough. We need to see it as the money pit that it is for us. We also need to understand that Israel is not our friend anymore than Egypt. Netanyahu, I shall never forget his statement, once said America was Israel’s bitch. Okay, true not his exact words ( but how I heard his words. Israel is a country. It is a sovereign nation that we have recognized for years. It is time we let them be on their own. We can not continue to support a nation that violates the rights of humans.

It is hypocrisy for us to intervene when Israel continues to bring much upon herself ( We redress some in the Near East but do not own up to the oppression committed by our allies in the Near East. I ask, you the reader, be honest with yourself for a moment. If you knew your child would have a future of oppression and that your child’s child would have that same future would you not have a sense of loss? If your home was taken from you, given to another for shelter, and you were forced to shelter your family in a camp would you not also have some feelings of hatred? We need to educate ourselves beyond the church trip to the Near East. We need to be honest and allow what is best for all involved to occur. We need to start by building our nation and allowing other nations to fend for themselves. I have no worries that Israel can take care of herself without our money or our weapons. Netanyahu will need to find another bitch.

Links (very interesting take. Note the advertisement),7340,L-4059395,00.html (very end of posting is the word preemptive) (major please read) (video link English subtitles) (please read),7340,L-3480345,00.html (major)


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