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Public servant Served up raw: Last laugh in Georgia

Luvs and Lovers, I thank each of you for returning.  It has been a struggle to get back into blogging after Mike Brown’s murder. I’ve children 35 to 17 and grandchildren. It is a struggle because I’ve seen this same crap too many times in America.   It seems daily I am reading of another Black child’s murder and the total disregard for the lives of Black people in the United States of America.  I state USA for this nation is supposed to be a leader in democracy and human rights.  However, every day I read of someone not seen as part of the majority experiencing more oppression in this nation.

Those who dare to speak out are squashed by one means or another.  Today, I write about someone, whom I’ve admired for many years, who had a similar experience.  Cynthia McKinney first came to my attention in the 1990’s.  I did not live in her district but followed this woman bent on equality for all (She would later represent poor, White, rural people).  Her father was a known vocal lover of equality.  He didn’t back down when approached.  It seemed his daughter was his heir.  It was inspiring to see this young woman each night in the local media taking to task, from the streets, the establishment.  I long to have such a champion representing me.  I was too be given that opportunity in 1993.

Allow me to backup for a moment.  What was it I loved about this woman?  Okay, she is gorgeous but it was her desire to do right because it is right to do right.  She called out sexism, racism, ageism, homophobia, and Islamophobia before it was popular.  She worked tirelessly to free the oppressed.  It was her work for freeing minds about Islam that eventually led to her being ousted from the U.S. House.  Her last term in office, I had to return home to Mississippi.  However, I followed the local GA media reports about her. 
This woman was slandered and libeled daily by both local and national media outlets.  The Democratic Party did nothing to assist her.  Many, in the Democratic Party, stood on the sidelines as she continued to work to free the oppressed by not sugar coating what was happening in D.C.   She had a backbone at a time when many in DC slithered.  Had the Democratic Party stood up, as did she, there are a few things that would not have occurred.
·        Afghanistan
·        Iraq
·        Greatest Depression since 1929
However, they did not.  They stayed mum about the corruption they knew was afoot.  They were silenced by stock options and vacations.  I was disgusted.  I was disgusted by those who said they were for the people but were fucking the people (Naw, bro. You are not Black like me).  Things were so bad, Sen. John McCain stood on the floor and called for a return to sanity on several occasions.  Even he saw how the festering hate from the “Southern Plan” was paving the ground for today’s Tea Party.
Cynthia was, to me, a hero for taking the tough stance of asking people to stop the hate long enough to build something worthwhile.  She was my definition of a “D.C. Outsider” in spite of being a six term U.S. House Representative.   When the “major news” broke of her hitting a security guard in D.C.  I saw the setup immediately.  She 6 terms in the house, ranking committee member, and natural hair sista unrecognized by security? Work with me folks.  Yet, it was her calling out the bullshit that got her the boot. 
She correctly called out several things:
·        Israel owns our Congress. ( Another nations runs our nation) GOP at declaring fidelity to Israel
·        The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were illegal
·        We should invest in economic trade with nations on the African continent (China is now deeply embedded)
Cynthia kept her district informed prior to Twitter, Facebook, or Periscope.  She was home from DC often in her district holding workshops to explain the benefits of federal legislation.  You could see her without having to dress up for a $20 a head dinner.  She didn’t wait for people to sign-up to receive information, she sent it.  Since her, I’ve gotten a song and dance as to why I can’t even get an email, let alone something in my mailbox.  You could go to any of her offices and be greeted by an active an informed staff.  Be honest, how many times have you reached voice mail when calling your rep’s office.  How many times are you blown off by your rep’s staff?  She ran a tight ship. However, a tight ship cannot defeat a fleet. 
She was attacked by Democrats, Republicans, defense contractors, and Wall Street.  I miss that Cynthia.  Today, she is understandably pissed with the Democratic Party.  However, I wish she would accept a fig leaf from Georgia Democrats to hold office once again.  Maybe take over Dekalb County.  Hell, return to U.S. House of Representatives.  We need more people in office who exhibit the values she espoused 1993 – 2003, un-bossed and un-bought without fear.  In office to be a public servant not serviced by the public. 


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