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#stopblamingwhitewomenweneedunity or let's end all oppression

I had promised myself a week off work doing nothing but playing Runescape, drinking water, eating candy canes, and the only macro muscle movement involved elimination of waste.  Well, I failed.  I popped on Twitter to wish people well, as I twisted my hair, and saw this .  I had to read the back story to understand what the hell happened.  As I write this posting this tag is getting roughly 30 hits a half hour.  It is not popping like #RacismEndedWhen but it is moving. 

Here are my thoughts.

The expansion of Western civilization did come at a heavy price. 
The United States has an ugly history in regards to race relations.
There is a huge disparity in sentencing in the United States.
Women across the board do have it hard.
When females fight each other nothing good happens for a nation or species.

I write now to speak to the last.  It is time for unity amongst women.  We should unify to stop oppression wherever we find it.  When we make ending oppression our goal, we become unified in uplifting all.  I know it is hard to accept oppression may come from those we call father, brother, son or even husband but accept we must.  I know it is hard to accept the times when we are given a pass for something when others are not given such a pass.  Instead of wallowing in guilt, expose the wrong of such disparities.  

Recognizing the wrong in our society makes you aware not wrong.  If my reading of the writer's article in HuffPost is correct, she is stating we should work together instead of fighting amongst ourselves.  If my reading of the tweets regarding her article  is correct others are saying, the writer negates the struggles of WoC.  I say let's focus our energy on ending oppression wherever we find it.  Now is not a time for women to fall apart(yeah, I wrote it and meant it). 

I live in the Southern part of the States.  I am Black, female, gay, and a single parent; I know oppression.  I work to end it when I see it. I don't care your race, gender, sexual orientation or marital status if you are oppressed I work with you for a better life.  If we work together we can all rise up.

  As things stand on this planet, today, I know I shall not be able to board the U.S.S. Enterprise because of stupid fucks bent on keeping up shit for no reason.  We need to acknowledge life is not fair, to understand some of us get a pass based on our skin color,  to call out oppression when we see it, and finally we must unify as women before we doom our species.  


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