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Man Up Prez!!!

Well, finally, someone, with more political sway than I, has told the president to man-up. James Carville’s statement regarding the president’s performance became the talk of the news. His statement only reflects the frustration that has been growing amongst the progressives since February of 2009.

Progressives have been waiting for the president to promote real change even if Congress did anything about it or not. The lack of the president’s willingness to take a strong stance on any of the proposals from his campaign has left many on the far left disenchanted. They were looking for someone who cared more about making positive changes than be re-elected. It seems the president has only given more of the “Washington” same.

Within the circles of the far-left it has longed been acknowledge that the Bush years bankrupted this country not only financially but also socially and politically. Whoever was chosen after Bush would have a long hard row to hoe but it was not impossible. However, the man or woman chosen for the job post Bush would not be able to right the American ship by keeping one eye on re-election. In order to right the American ship the person after Bush would have to stand firm on some tough “no chance for re-election” measures. George Bush Sr. is aware of making hard choices for America to be better in the end (e.g. tax increases and less military spending).

Measures such as banking reform, reducing the amount of money funneled to the military industrial complex, and building more schools than prisons are all hard measures that will cause any candidate to fail. It is easier to underfund healthcare, public schools and even aid to dependent families than to cut funding tot he military industrial complex. There are certain people who will vote against themselves to appease the 2% who control the wealth. Strangely, that 2% are the same people involved in the military industrial complex.

The debate on weather to extend the current tax cuts is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to draw the attention from our need to borrow additional funds to maintain the current pace of the war in Afghanistan. Who amongst us actually believes that cutting public school funding, SNAP, and health benefits will actually pay for the daily expense of our troops being in Afghanistan? It is not possible. The truth of the matter is either we must rescind the current tax cuts or borrow more money.

It would be cool for President Obama to be a two-term president, however; he has to face the fact that in all likelihood he will not get a second term in office. The fact that you have people, in office, who believe that he is not an American citizen, is the first clue. The second clue is there are now people in office who wish to launch an investigation into the validity of his birth certificate, no matter that as a nation we are in a crisis. When he faces that fact, he should feel free to do the job he was elected to do. The burden of attempting to appease Fox News and the Tea Party will be off his shoulders. He will be free to ask questions of those who question him. He will be able to man-up and ask things such as has the tax cuts that have been in affect since 2001 worked.


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