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Taxing the wealthy

Now just where do I began? The Colts loss yesterday has my mind somewhat befuddled. However, I shall do my best to present a picture of the rage that boils on the surface of my thoughts. I remeber a time prior to the enactment of the 2001 tax cuts when I was in the 250k earnings. I had at that time one child and mo tax shelters. Long story short I was paying taxes. However I seemed to have a larger amount of disposable income. Even after providing for my son, mother, and grandmother I still had money left to for my addiction. Given my history it amazes me that there are those feeding death and gloom stories to the mass about tax hikes.

The first question a thinking person should ask and answer is did the taxcuts of 2001 improve the financial status of the United States. Did it? Warren Buffett and even some millionaires are standing up to say trickle down does not work.

These fat cats are not speaking out because of some alturistic motivation. They are speaking out to preserve their own financial status. They understand that more Ford Rangers are sold each year that Mercedes E class. There are more people making under 250k than above 250k. If you put dirt in the well from which you drink then you end up not drinking. It is amazing to me that only a few people in the United States understand that concept.

In Europe the populace storm the streets in droves at the first whiff of the financial inequality that exists in the United States. We in the U.S. bow to the dictates of the conservative media that demands we fo nothing.

We will not even vote. We have been so conditioned we fear stating the obvious. We attack those who would speak up with the words given to us by our social over lords. When we do vote we vote against our best interests. I mean really voting for those against health reform is either the result of a senile populace or a well conditioned populace.

People we need to think. How can we get out if debt if we have no income? I can choose not to clothed, feed, or shelter my child but if I have no income I am still in debt. Also should I choose to not clothed, shelter, or feed my child I have now set that child up to be a social burden.

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