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Going on the record

This morning I took my independent voting hinney to a Democratic gubernatorial candidate meeting. I awoke early to meet these candidates for I wanted to know who was brave enough to take a stand in a state so red that the current Republican front runner for governor is acting as if he is governor. I knew it would take someone passionate about Mississippians and increasing Mississippi’s economic success to beat the Republican front runner. This morning I believe I found that candidate. Please note I am not owned by any sponsor so I can write what I dang well want to write. I am an adult and I have adult conversations. I enjoyed Kirk Fordice and Ronny Musgrove in regards to how they brought adult conversations to Mississippians and the legislature. Bill Luckett seems ready to return Mississippi to the realm of adulthood.

Mr. Luckett let it be known that he and his opponent, Mayor Johnny Dupree, had made a decision to keep the primary race clean. I knew then we had two Dems who understood mudslinging and not keeping to facts will not serve Mississippians in the long run. Both candidates share very similar ideals. However, there was just enough difference between the two to put me on the record for Bill Luckett.

The differences between the two in my view are as follows:
• BL (Bill Luckett) is able to speak with small business owners in their own language.
• JD ( Johnny Dupree) understands what government can do for business owners.
• JD wishes to create initiatives to help small business owners.
• BL wishes to expand and enforce current initiatives to help small business owners.
• JD understands in depth the needs of education and educators
• BL spoke with a depth of understanding on the connection between education/jobs and education/incarceration rates.
• JD has hopes that the children will be do better with race than what we have done.
• BL speaks to his family and friends to improve racial conditions.
• JD spoke of how Hattiesburg is doing well without an increase in taxes
• BL did not mention tax cuts or no new taxes. His silence on the matter said to me he was ready to deal with an adult issue without pandering.

I am not taking anything away from Mayor Johnny Dupree. I personally feel he should run for the United States senate against Roger Wicker in 2012. I think he will be our best hope to unseat Wicker in 2012. Bill Luckett has the passion and drive to stop the brain drain that has kept Mississippi at the bottom. Mr. Luckett, who is not a rapper or rock star, was so live and so real; he was able to impress my teenage son. My son saw him from a distance and said, “I want a picture with him”. What my son got was a conversation and a handshake from Mr. Luckett. My son was on cloud 9. If Bill Luckett is able to reach a teenager, I know he will be able to increase the number of Mississippians who stay in Mississippi.

Mississippi needs adult conversations and a break from the racial pandering of the Barbour years. This morning Bill Luckett, showed that he is ready to have adult conversations. He held back very little in his speech. He is far from being a polished politician but he is passionate about all Mississippians having an opportunity to achieve the American Dream.


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