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Doggie Wants the Ball?

This rant will be quick. Am I alone in noticing how much coverage has been given to the Oscars vs the amount given to Wisconsin by the MSM? What is happening in Wisconsin is a wake up call for the rest of the United States. The Wisconsin moment and it's outcome is vital to the United States as a whole. Yet, even today I am being forced feed Oscar news. The different spins have been too many Brits, nit enough Blacks, and Charlie Sheen. I love movies. I normally see movies first run with my son; snacks and all. I love movies. However, I do not think or feel in my heart the Oscars should be the lead story when we have basic American rights being threaten by the government.

We have a problem and the powers that be are dead wrong if the think the Oscar hype will take my gaze off Wisconsin. We must not be distracted by award shows and celebrity drug issues. We must continue to press our elected officials to serve us and not to oppress us.

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