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Organizing an art form

This morning the art of organizing became a life lesson for me. I have worked as a project manager in another lifetime. However I was working with people who shared more than a common goal. We were are all technical people(geeks). Political organizing is different. It is really different when working with a diverse group of people as liberals often do.

My passion for progressive change in Mississippi is not enough to overcome the problems of disorganization. This morning I learned a few home truths of organizing in a liberal political environment.

Plan for the unexpected
Work with those who understand the importance of the cause

The rally planned for Gulfport did not turn out as desired. The responsibility rests on my shoulders. I now understand the importance of communication in organizing. It is important to communicate clearly the objective. It is important to clearly communicate expectations of those involved. It is important to listen to what is being said by all involved.

Planning for the unexpected is a must. This morning I had planned to be in Gulfport to handle anything that came up short. Because of disorganization at my job, I was not able to be in Gulfport to handle any fallout. I needed a backup for the backup.

Luckily for me I did have someone who is dedicated to the cause of getting a progressive economic message out to the people. I am thankful for his intervention.

My goal now is to find 10 more people such as him. I know 10 people such as him will return the Coast to it's progressive roots. Today's lesson was well learned.


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