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What is going on in Libya

This morning, I find myself having to work extra hard to find anger inside of me. My FB buddies had me laughing so hard I was crying. They were joking about the absurdity of our responses or lack of responses to serious issues.

One issue that has my attention is Libya. We have involved ourselves in yet another foreign military matter. Gas is already high here in the states. Our bombing Libya will not lower the price I pay at the pump. Why are we bombing Libya? Why are we in Libya?

I am not afraid to say I am against our bombing Libya. If we need to help the people in Libya so badly then we need to do the same for the other African countries. There are some who say to me I should say nothing for it would not look good on President Obama. So the love what?!?!! Spending money to bomb a foreign nation that has not attack us does not look good fiscally. In fact it looks downright terrible given we are looking at cuts to several domestic spending programs.

I do not have a ph.d., yet, so as a dirt farmer in Mississippi I may be missing somethng in this new military conflict. However in plain speech it just does not make sense to me that we are involved in a 3rd military conflict and we are cutting spending at home. The president needs to let us know why we are in Libya.

Who are these rebels? What is their agenda? Am I alone in finding it strange that there has been no official agenda from the "rebels"? Who is funding these rebels. If things were so bad in Libya why where Africans from other African countries flocking to Libya for work? Heck people from the Philippines were in Libya for work. What is the source of the outrage that brought people out to the streets to rebel? If so much oppression exist in Libya how could Beyonce and 50 Cents perform in this Muslim nation? They would have to have work visas issued from the government. Did the people of Libya ask for our help? We need to know these things before we use military might.

Where were we for the other African nations where people are slaughtered in the streets. Where are we for other countries where women and children are still nothing more than property. Where are our bombs and rockets' red glare? Do we have any truth left in the night of our war mongering? We have need to put a stop to the madness that has become our government. We need to get mad and take to the streets of America. We have much about which we should march and shout in the streets.


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