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Moving past the assumptions

Earlier this month I launched a project on Kickstarter.  It was not funded.  I shall launch it again.  I had thought to not launch it again, allow another to tell the story. However, I had an email from someone on the 17th of January that inspired me to try again.  This person read my blog and assumed I had no work ethic.   She read a line I had written on my blog of dong no work during the holiday period.  She informed me I did not have the work ethic to produce an important documentary.  I replied to this person with a thank you.

This person's assumption is one of the reasons I am doing the project.  An assumption that Black people are lazy is why there is much talk and money thrown at the issue of drop-out rates amongst Black males but little real effort to correct the matter.  Money and talk without effective implementation will not correct the matter.  My work ethic is similar to that of many single parents and some two parents homes in Mississippi, we work.  I would work from dark to dark with a 1.5 hour commute.  In such an environment you find children left to their own machinations, you find "Lord of the Flies".  

Sadly, I did not see my errors until too late.  I shall continue to work to get funding for this project because it is important to hear these stories and to then create effective solutions.  I move past the assumptions of others to the mitigation of the drop-out rate in Mississippi.


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