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Who is the governor? ??

I have posted the contents of an email from David Vitter.   What is he saying about Jindal? Is Jindal not the governor of Louisiana?  What is Jindal not doing? I know he is at CPAC but is he governing or is Vitter?   Is there a plan to send Jindal to DC?

The email

Dear Friend,

You probably remember the massive fraud and abuse of welfare cards in north Louisiana last fall. If not, there was a computer glitch that essentially left welfare cards through the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program with no limit for a period of time.

We later learned that some of the beneficiaries took advantage of that glitch and knowingly checked out grocery store items far above their legal limit –some stole hundreds of dollars’ worth in groceries.

This is absolutely a case of theft and fraud –especially against taxpayers. Additionally, it hurts the honest beneficiaries of that program who really need the help.

I’ve been working to get Louisiana’s Attorney General Buddy Caldwell and Department of Children and Family Services Secretary Suzie Sonnier to take aggressive action in response to the fraud. Last week the state took some action, but only scratched the surface. Just six of the 12,000 SNAP recipients who made transactions during the system outage lost their benefits.

Like many of you, I still believe there should be serious consequences for all those who participated. I’m going to keep pushing to make sure that those who deliberately stole from the program are disqualified.

As always, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on food stamp fraud and other issues important to you. Please contact me with your ideas at any of my state offices or in my Washington office. You can also reach me online at

Sincerely, David Vitter Signature

David Vitter United States Senator

P.S. Please visit my website to sign up for regular email updates from me on the issues important to Louisiana


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