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The GOP plans for jobs: Beware of GOP bearing jobs

It seems I may have hit a nerve with a certain person I follow on Twitter.  While not responding to me directly, I saw the response to my question of "Where are the comprehensive job bills from the GOP House".  Well, as I have often stated there have been no truly comprehensive job bills from the GOP that do not defraud the public.  (Twitter limits one to 140 characters)  GOP Ideas for Jobs  Before voting for bills look closely I say and obviously Harry Reid has seen the light.  Each of these bills produce the means for more public money to be transferred to private individuals/corporations.  We the public get shafted while others become wealthy during our jobless recovery. 

I shall not go through the entire list but know they all are similar vehicles for the transference of wealthy from the public to corporations.  Click here for entire list

 Jobs at expense of health #1
I live in Mississippi where my governor was okay with letting BP off the hook for payments.  I enjoy having the options to hunt and fish without concern of pollution. I wish to continue to have such options.  Residents of the Coast are still dealing with oil sheen on homes.  At the risk of upsetting a few people, the gulf waters have not cleaned themselves at the time of this blog posting. 

Jobs at expense of health #2
Remember the self-regulation at a fertilization plant in Texas?  Enough said.

Jobs at expense of nation's future
Think China.  Think India.  Think how much do you have in your savings account vs Koch brothers.  Do we risk the lives of our children, grandchildren, and beyond for a few dollars today?
Rich have money to move
Think about it.

Moving public to private in the name of job training
I agree we need more vocational training in America.  However, I disagree with having young people go into debt for such training when it was once supplied via public schools.  This bill moves money from the public to private entities via the worst vehicle every, "bloc grants" to states.  These grants are not monitored and can be misappropriated for other projects deemed worthy by the governor.  If it seems I have a bitch, I am still stuck on Katrina. 

More pay for Wall Street less education for Americans
This bill H.R. 1911 was signed into law.  When you hear someone say tie interest rates to the market, you know you are being screwed

I know there is a desire by Democrats to work with the Republicans but it cannot be done at the expense of the working poor and the poor.  It should not be done at the expense of the actual middle class.  If you burden the underclasses then you start the failure of your economic structure.  The bills produced by the GOP controlled House are not job bills.  These bills are corporate giveaways that increase the wealth of a few while leaving many in economic uncertainty.  I am thankful he took the time from his busy day on Twitter to send this link.  Without the link I would have had to do a little work to discover just how deep in the pockets of the Energy Lobby this GOP controlled House really is at this time.  They are deep. 

It is up to us as Americans without lobbyist and it seems representation in DC to elect officials who give a damn about us.  We need officials who will not sell out this nation for a $ today leaving us the next China or India.  I don't care about your god, your sex, or even if you have sex.  I do care that we leave this world better than what we found it.  We can only do that if we refuse the temptation of greed to show love for one another and our planet. 


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