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I am 1 of the 2 Million

I am wondering how to write my 40th-ish response on the Affordable Care Act.  Do I include links or just speak from my heart?  Given I have linked my blog in the past to a new level in regards to the ACA, I shall just speak from my heart.  I am tired of the Koch driven media campaign against the ACA.  Why is so much fake news being generated against an imperfect plan that is better than the for-profit system we had?  Who really wants to keep Americans tied down in medical debt?  Who benefits?

I am not writing to answer any of those questions.  Hell, they have been answered several times over.  I am writing to address the bullshit that exploded after the CBO report.  I am one of the 2 million people who waited almost 4 years for one of the major parts of the ACA to kick in.  October 14, 2013 I was one happy person.  I knew my forced labor in exchange for affordable health insurance was at an end.  The timing came at a great time for me. 

I am a single parent with one child left to get out of the house.  It is always that last one that gets you.  This child had my work scheduled down to a science.  He used that knowledge to skip classes rather than to excel in class.  My hours became longer at the job when my company did not hire the two additional employees required to maintain proper support.  As my hours increased, discipline in my home decreased as did my health.  I knew a change had to be made.  When I did not get word that my child would be a participant in a program to help youth in challenging situations, I decided to quit my job.  I would stay home and school my child myself.  I was certain I could get enough part-time work to cover the basics we required. I also knew with ACA I would be able to afford health insurance.  In my state where Medicaid was not expanded, I either have to make $0 or well above $25K to have insurance.  Making less than $25K is not a desired option. 

I am on week 5 of being an independent.  I have made no money as of yet but I have hopes business will pick-up before savings run out.  My goal is to be established enough to be able to "be there" for my youngest while still having enough money for us to enjoy living.  Prior to ACA I would not have consider quitting a job to become an independent for I need health insurance.  So yes, GOP is correct, I did quit because of ACA.  I was tired of driving 135 miles per day but unable to claim the mileage. I was tired of paying the reasonable premiums but unable to claim them on my taxes.  Now as a business owner, I can reap the tax benefits as well as have health insurance at an affordable rate. 

If I am to work 16 -18 hours per day, I would rather do it for myself than for a corporation that could give a damn about my health or my family.  I am not yet living in a beachfront condo with a house in the woods but I am on my way to being happier. 

Side notes: The moment I turned in my resignation, I was given word my youngest was accepted into the program.  Two days prior to my last day as I considered staying with the company, I had a mini-stroke at the doctor's office.

It is time we stop this obsession with ACA and focus on our outdated infrastructures that need repair.  GOP stagnation of the economy is more of a hindrance for working class families than for President Obama.    ACA is not a bad thing.  It will allow people to change the way they work to do what they love.  Taking care of my family is what I love most of all. 



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