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Break in my norm

Just a break. I take. 
It is not my norm but I need to let you know you are appreciated.  I feel I must state it for it seems you are always the object of hate.

When you are near I don't have fear. Love for you fills me. I smile knowing you exist.  I show my love for you without shame.  Yes, it shocks you when I am so open. But for me to deny the joy of you I would need to be heavily toking. 

There are times you question my devotion but quell such thoughts. I have been with you even when you denied me.  I stand, waiting for you to remember my love as being true.  I love your darkness.  Richer than cocoa with a natural sweetness extracted from the bitterness of your environment ; you I treasure.  

Just a break. Just taking time to reflect on the love.  You are more than the media campaign designed to tame your ambitions. Take this love and just be.


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