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Apology Please

Unlike my previous drawn out fantasy filled post this one is short and real. President Obsma's latest action has futhered divided his base. This base that elected him us made up of democrats, idependents, real republicans, and people who saw this country getting off track early 2001. In short Presudent Obama's base is huge. He was elected by a huge majority which was a mandate of how off base the last administration was for this country.

His base has begun infighting for he has yet to show that he is willing to fight for the change he proposes. When the wiff of an altercation hits the air he immediately seeks to find middle ground. By and large he was elected to fight. He was elected to fight the do nothing democracts elected in 2006. Yet he has done nothing much as have they( Harry obstruction Reid).

His base is fighting on the merits that rolling over is good or detrimental to the fiscal foundation of this nation. ( can you guess my stance?). My dearest associate spent a good portion of our conversation explaining to me how right and slick he was in the deal he worked out with the " turn the lights off" republicans. She even attempted to explain to me how the unemployed or more concerned with light bills than tax rates. I reminded her that I am unemployed, at the end of UI, single mother of one child, and have a child support order that is paid on a whim yet I am more concerned about the deficit.
Being unemployed is temporary yet our national debt if not checked now will extend beyond my time in the grave.
Not all Americans are as short sighted as the leaders we elect. Most of us endured much to reach our goals in life not having anything to smooth our paths. We are not afraid of a little pain to teach our goals. Unlike the prince and princess of Congress and the 10% of wealth holders, we are not afraid to suffer for our ideals. We do not need apologies. We need right action now to see us a thousand years from now better than we are now.

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