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Beating a horse to death

I am a simple person with a checkered past. However, in all my doings not harming others has been my main objective. I have been honest in my dealings just not always able to followup. Having given the above statement to dispel any notion I am Jesus or even close to Jesus, I shall now wax on about tax cuts. This morning I remembered a scripture, Matt. 17:24-27 King James. This scripture was about Jesus, a fish, and taxes. What I took away from the scripture is as long as I am in Spirit all will be provided. I need not worry a out the pressures of society for all will be provided.
It does not mean I am to be a none productive member of society it means I am not to allow societal pressures to derail my walk in spirit.
I have been middle class, upperclass, and lower class. In all honest I enjoy being able to travel when and where I so desire. I enjoy knowing there is enough money to supply my needs and my wants.
However, in my travels amongst the classes, I have learned not to put money above the pursuit of happiness of another. I teach to my son to always be aware of others and there but by the grace of God go we. Having experienced poverty I am always willing to give to others. That is the mindframe I kept when I earned 5k a week during the Clinton years and saw almost half my check go to taxes. I was aware there were families that did not have 2500 a month let alone in a week. I said my prayers, paid my tithes, and kept on with my life.
It is amazing to me that the people fighting the ending of tax cuts are the same ones who shout Jesus on the campaign trail. It makes me wonder if Jesus is really some mega corporation. A corporation that threatens to close if taxes revert back to the Bush I edict.
If these officials are truly God guided then they understand the measure of faith. They understand not leaning on your own understaning. They also understand simple economics. They would understand winning elections based on a fictious deficit number given the lack of participation in ARRP will come back on their term in office.

In short please contact three people today to contact Congress and the President. No deal on UI and the tax cuts. It is time to stand firm.

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